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Welcome to Launchpad Help

Launchpad is an open source suite of tools that help people and teams to work together on software projects. See the tour for an introduction to what you can do with Launchpad.

I want to...

Track my project's bugs

Host my project's code

Translate my project

Distribute Ubuntu software

Run a mailing list

Help translate a project

User guide

Your account

Create a new account, learn about karma, log into other websites with OpenID, contact people and teams.


Join a team, create and run a team, set up a team mailing list.


Register a project, learn about releases, publish your project files, buy a commercial subscription for a non-open source project.

Bug tracker

Bug tracking for your project, track one bug across many projects, Launchpad's bug statuses, subscribe to bugs by email and Atom feed, learn the bug tracker's email interface, Bugzilla and Trac plugins.


Help for translators, translation help for projects.

Code Hosting

Finding and downloading code, uploading code to Launchpad, team branches, code reviews, linking branches to bugs, non-project branches, importing CVS, Subversion and git repos into Bazaar branches.


Ask for help with free software, offer help, use Answers for your project.


Track specifications and chunks of work.


Personal package archives - build and publish Ubuntu packages in your own apt repository. Common package upload errors.


Use the Python library, use the API without Python, read the reference documentation and more.

Get involved

Launchpad is free software. You can get involved in a number of ways:

Other stuff

Please also take a look at our terms of use, privacy policy and other legal information.