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Bug statuses in Launchpad

Launchpad's bug tracker offers you seven main bug statuses that reflect each stage of a bug's lifecycle, from initial report to resolution.

Optionally, if your project has a high number of bug reports, you may want to add an extra layer of quality control to your bug triage. Whereas anyone can set most of the bug statuses, which makes it easy for new contributors to get involved, there are two additional bug statuses - Triaged and Won't Fix - that are available only to your project's owner, bug supervisor and the relevant drivers.

Available to everyone

Only available to the bug supervisor

Translating external bug statuses

When Launchpad watches a bug report in an external tracker - such as Bugzilla or Sourceforge - it translates that bug's status information into the equivalent Launchpad status.

See our page on external bug statuses.

Next step

If you're working on a fix to a bug and hosting that code in Launchpad, you can link from the bug report directly to the branch of code.

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Linking bug reports to branches >

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