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Branches hosted by Launchpad are usually asssociated with a project.

If you'd prefer to upload a branch to Launchpad without it showing up in any project's branch listings, you can use the +junk pseudo-project. This can be useful if your branch is:

+junk branches work in a similar way to normal branches: anyone can create their own branch and they show up in your own branch list.

However, there are some differences:

If you want to collaborate on a +junk branch with someone else, you need to make the branch be owned by a team that both you and the other person are members of. Better still, when you are ready to collaborate, you should create a project and move the +junk branch into the project.

Creating a +junk branch

Adding a +junk branch to Launchpad is the same as creating any other hosted branch. Instead of using the project name in the branch URL, you use +junk.

For instance: bzr push ~matthew.revell/+junk/mybranch

Next step

If you want to work on a project that uses an external Bazaar, git, CVS or Subversion branch to host its trunk line of development, you can ask Launchpad to import it into a Bazaar branch.

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