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lp-diamond-16.png Code hosting quick start

Hosting your project's code on Launchpad

You can host your project's source code using Launchpad and Bazaar. If you're new to Bazaar, or distributed version control in general, take a look at the Bazaar mini-tutorial first.

When you push a Bazaar branch to Launchpad, it's usually associated with a project that's also registered in Launchpad. Other people can then get hold of your Bazaar branch, modify it, and push their own version back up to Launchpad for everyone to see.

This guide shows you how to:

If you need more detail, see our full guide to hosting code in Launchpad.


Launchpad is free of charge for open source projects. To host non-open code on Launchpad, read about commercial subscriptions.

Enable code hosting for your project

First, add your project to Launchpad.

When you've done that, visit your your project's overview page. There you'll find a Configuration progress section in the right-hand column. Click Configure project branch and either select an existing branch or set up a new one.

Push a Bazaar branch to your project

Bazaar comes with a plug-in that lets you push to and pull from Launchpad directly from within Bazaar.

If you haven't already, you need to perform a couple of one-time setup tasks:

  1. add your SSH key to Launchpad

  2. and then log in to Launchpad from Bazaar by typing bzr launchpad-login in your terminal.

To push your branch up to Launchpad, open your terminal and go to your Bazaar branch. Next up, type:

bzr push lp:~your-id/project-id/branch-name

Replace project-name with your project's Launchpad id. The id is the final part of your project overview page's URL: e.g. bzr in

See your branch in place

Once Bazaar has pushed your branch to Launchpad, Launchpad will scan the revisions in your branch and:

Set your project's trunk branch

You can tell Launchpad which of your project's branches is the current focus of development; i.e. which is the trunk.

Setting a trunk branch is useful to:

Visit your project's code overview page and follow the link inviting you to set a development focus.


Set your trunk branch

Let several people commit to the branch

If you want to enable several people to push code to the branch, you'll need to create a team and make that the branch's owner.

Go to your project main page (https://launchpad/project-name), select the Branches tab, then click the branch nick link you wish to edit to go to the branch overview page. If you've followed the instructions above, its nick will be lp:your-project.


Select your trunk branch

Once on the branch's overview page, you'll see an information box on the right-hand side of the page. Click the pencil icon next to your name in the Maintainer section to enter Change branch details page. Select from the drop-down menu Maintainer the team that you want to own the branch.


Change the branch's owner

Next steps

You're now hosting your project's code in Launchpad. Anyone can download your code, make their changes and upload their branch for listing on your project's code page. Other people can also propose there branches for merging into your trunk, or any other branch associated with your project.

Read our full guide to Launchpad Code Hosting >

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