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Just as it's easy to create your own Bazaar branch of code that's registered in Launchpad, you can also host your code on Launchpad. It's free and means that your code is:

The easiest way to get your code on Launchpad is to push your branch using Bazaar. Alternatively, Launchpad can mirror a Bazaar branch that's hosted elsewhere on the internet or convert existing git, Subversion and CVS repositories into Bazaar branches.

Pushing your Bazaar branch to Launchpad

If you've already got a Bazaar branch on your local machine, getting that branch up to Launchpad couldn't be easier.

In your terminal, go to the branch directory and type:

bzr launchpad-login userid
bzr push lp:~userid/project-name/branch-name

Replace userid with your Launchpad id, project-name with the project's Launchpad id and then chose whichever branch name you want.

Tip: If you have multiple ssh keys, you need to tell Launchpad which key to use.

Edit your ~/.ssh/config file (if one doesn't exist simply create a new one) and add the following:

    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/your_launchpad_key
    User your-launchpad-user-name

You should check the fingerprint of when prompted to do so by SSH.

Bazaar will now push your branch up to Launchpad. You can then view the branch on your own Launchpad branches page and also on the project's branches page.

Pushing subsequent changes to Launchpad

Now, when you work on your code, all you need to do is commit changes to your local branch using bzr commit -m "Commit message".

You only need to push your changes up to Launchpad when you want to make them public.

Mirroring a branch that's hosted elsewhere

If you prefer to host your branch elsewhere, but still want to make it available in Launchpad, you can ask Launchpad to mirror it.

Setting up a branch mirror is similar to registering a hosted branch, except you supply the URL to your branch and Launchpad makes periodic copies.

Next steps

If you need to work on the same branch of code with a group of people, you can create a team branch.

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