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There are more than 2,000 teams registered in Launchpad, covering activities as diverse as translating Ubuntu into Esperanto and Zope 3 development, to simple groups such as Ubuntu Users and Ubuntu LoCo Enthusiasts.

Joining a team puts you in contact with others working towards a similar goal and gives you access to shared team resources. All you need to join most teams is an interest in the work they do.

Learning more about a team

Let's take a look at Ubuntu's Colorado LoCo team.


Ubuntu's Colorado team

Straight away, you can see what this team's all about: it's a local community team for Ubuntu fans in Colorado. There's also a summary of the team's membership and contact details.


Joining the Ubuntu Colorado team

Membership policies

The Ubuntu Colorado team has an open membership policy but that's just one of three policies its creator could have chosen:

If a team is open or moderated, you can sign up using the Join the team link in the Membership section. When you apply to join, Launchpad will email you and the team's administrators.

If it is a moderated team, you'll also receive a second email once the administrators have chosen to accept or decline your application.

Viewing a team's members

You can take a look at who has already joined a team by viewing its membership list. This can be useful if you need to contact one of the team's administrators.

Finding a team

You can search teams by their names or contact addresses in Launchpad.

{i} Quick tip: If you already know the team's name, you can visit it directly. For example:

Next step

If there isn't yet a team in Launchpad that deals with the activity or community that interests you, you can create your own team.

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