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Launchpad web services API

Note: This page discusses the Launchpad web service API from the perspective of developer wanting to use the API. If you want to help develop the API, see the Launchpad dev wiki instead. If you would like to find or share hints on being an end-user of a launchpadlib-based application, see /EndUserHints. If you're looking for the _internal_ API documentation, see http://people.canonical.com/~mwh/canonicalapi/

The Launchpad website lets you learn about and manage bugs, projects, questions, and other artefacts of software development. These same objects are gradually being exposed through a web service, so that you can access them from scripts, applications, or other websites, in addition to accessing them through the Launchpad website. The service is designed around the principles of REST, with the goals of simplicity and transparency.

   >>> me = launchpad.me
   >>> me.display_name = 'My new display name'
   >>> me.lp_save()

   PATCH /beta/+me HTTP/1.1
   Host: api.launchpad.net
   Content-type: application/json

   { "display_name" : "My new display name" }

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