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Bugtask: A bug tracked in Launchpad can appear in different projects and releases of a project, enabling different teams to work together on solving that bug. We call each appearance of a bug in each different context a bugtask. A bugtask has associated with it an assignee, an importance and a status. It can be targeted to a project or distribution milestone.

Component: Distribution package archives can have arbitrary groupings, which are called components. Ubuntu uses components to bring together packages of a certain licensing type or that have a certain level of support commitment: e.g. main, universe and multiverse.

Display name: Projects, teams and individuals in Launchpad are usually referred to by their display name. This is distinct from the Name, which is mostly used in URLs. Example: Mark Shuttleworth's display name is Mark Shuttleworth, whereas his Launchpad name is sabdfl.

FTBFS: a source package failed to build.

Karma: Karma is a score that gives a rough idea of a person's current level of work in Launchpad. See our guide to karma for more.

Pocket: A release pocket is group of packages related to a particular distro series (i.e. a release such as Ubuntu 9.04/Jaunty), such as security, updates or back-ports/

Name (project): This is the unique short name that Launchpad uses to identify a project. It is used in URLs and when registering a bug against a project. Example: blueprint in for Launchpad's Blueprint Tracker.

Project group: Project groups allow you to gather several Launchpad projects together. Each project within a group inherits the group's preferences regarding bug tracking, translation and security policy. An example project group is Mozilla, with Firefox and Thunderbird as projects within the group.

Series: Series are major lines of development that usually result in one or more releases. For example: Firefox 3 and Firefox 2. In Launchpad, they can have independent translations, bug reports, code and more. In a distribution, such as Ubuntu, it would be releases such as Jaunty, Intrepid, Hardy and so on.

Suite: The combination of a distro series and a pocket is called a suite: e.g. Hardy backports.

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