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Launchpad is a social website: it's all about collaboration. That's why your profile page includes details of how to contact you, along with an option to contact you using a web form.

Protecting you from email address harvesters

When your email address appears in Launchpad, it is only visible to people who are logged into Launchpad. Anonymous users - including spam bots, search engine spiders, etc - do not see your email address.

Contacting individuals via their profile page

If you'd prefer that other Launchpad users don't know your email address, you can choose to hide it.

However, that makes it harder for you to make the most of Launchpad. For example: if you apply to join a team, sometimes the team administrator might want to contact you before approving your application.

As a compromise, your Launchpad profile page has a Contact this user option. That lets other logged-in Launchpad users send you an email without knowing your email address.

When someone contacts you in this way they can:

Note: if you reply, you'll reveal your email address as it then becomes a normal email conversation.

Contacting teams via their overview page

You can also send a message to a team's contact address or all the team members if the team has no contact address. Just look on the team's overview page for a Contact this team link.

Filtering email from the contact form

All email sent using Launchpad's contact form has the following header:

X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale: ContactViaWeb

Next step

Launchpad teams help you find other people with similar interests. Let's look at joining a team

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Joining a team >

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