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'''Need help right now?''' See [[HelpRotation|who's on help duty]] today.

Welcome to Launchpad Help


Launchpad is a suite of tools that help people and teams to work together on free software. Read on to find out how to use Launchpad and get involved in our community.

New to Launchpad? Read about what Launchpad is and how to try it out.

Need help right now? See who's on help duty today.

User guide

Want to learn Launchpad? Take a look through this user guide to get an overview of how it all fits together.

Get involved

Come join us in the Launchpad community!

  • Beta testing: be the first to try new features and help shape them before launch.

  • Documentation team: help others to use Launchpad with user guides, screencasts and more.

Other stuff

Please also take a look at our terms of use, privacy policy and other legal information.

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