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We release new features and bug fixes to Launchpad as soon as they're ready. You can find details of new features on the Launchpad blog.

In the past, we bundled all the new features and bug fixes into a monthly release. On this page you can find details of when those releases were made and their accompanying release announcements.

Finding the current build number

You can find the build number you're using in the Launchpad footer:


Finding the build number

In the screen shot, you can see that the build number is 12022.

The difference between build and release numbers

When we made monthly Launchpad releases, we gave each release a number.

Each release represented a certain set of features and fixes that the Launchpad community worked on and made available. In effect, a release number is a collective reference for all the features and fixes that the community hoped to release at that time.

The build number is taken from the number of the most recent commit to the Launchpad code base running in that environment (e.g. production or staging). This number is more tied to the implementation of the features and fixes. So, while the release number may have stayed the same, if there was an urgent bug fix or similar, the build number could feasibly have changed between releases.

Release numbering

Although we no longer announce releases, as such, we do make a monthly database roll-out and use release numbers for our milestones and to track those database roll-outs.

Our release numbers are easy to understand and follow a similar format to Ubuntu release numbers. The first part of the number is the year in which the release was made and the second part of the number is the number of releases so far that year.

Let's take a look at an example:


Understanding Launchpad release numbers

The older style of release numbering

Previously, Launchpad releases were numbered using a different scheme.


Understanding Launchpad release numbers

Release announcements

When we made monthly releases, we made release announcements. Now we post to the Launchpad blog about individual features, instead.

Here's an archive of the old-style releases we used to make.





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