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Release data

Release number: 1.2.3
Build number: 5971
Release date: 28th March 2008

Release announcement

We're proud to announce a much requested new feature as part
of Launchpad 1.2.3: mailing lists in Launchpad!

If you run a team in Launchpad, you can request a mailing
list straight away on your team's overview page. Once the
list is active, each team member will have the option to 

If you don't yet run a team but you'd like to create a
mailing list that wouldn't be covered by an existing team,
create a new team at 
and then request a list.

There's more in our guide:

And there's plenty more going on in this release, including:

 * Translations can now have up to six plural forms.
 * Each project's files are now available to download from
   its overview page.
 * You can search for PPAs by name and keywords.
 * We've revamped branch listing pages to give you quicker
   access to commit messages and author information.
As with all new software, there may still be some bugs in
this new release. If you come across something that looks 
like a bug, please report it at:
Read on for the full release report.

General Launchpad

 * Mailing lists are now available through Launchpad! Each
   Launchpad team can have its own mailing list that's open
   to team members and has a public archive. See our guide
   for more on creating a list for your team:
 * When you register a release of your project, you can 
   publish files for download from Launchpad, such as code
   tarballs and installers. The files for your latest release
   are now shown on your project's home page. Downloadable 
   files are also now available via http, as well https. 
   This is useful if you're using wget or other download 
   tools but don't have SSL libraries installed. 
   (Bugs 174186 and 139052)
 * The CSV export of meeting attendees now includes an IRC
   nick for each person, provided they have at least one
   nick registered in their Launchpad profile. (Bug 156759)
 * Launchpad page footers now show you which Launchpad
   release you're using.

Package Management and PPAs (Soyuz)

 * PPA searches now allow you to find a package by its name
   or words in its description. (Bug 126870)
 * Launchpad automatically deletes source files and binaries
   from your PPA when they are superseded by a new version
   of the package. In some circumstances, a superseded file
   may not be deleted automatically. You can now manually
   delete them. (Bug 191892)
 * Some binaries with a large number of files were failing 
   to upload, despite the packages building successfully.
   We traced this to a bug in python-apt, which has now been
   fixed. (Bug 192713)
 * You can now list PPAs according to their Ubuntu release.
   (Bug 186106)
 * Distribution source package publication overview pages now
   show the package's component. 
   For example:
   (Bug 141540)   

Code Hosting

 * We've given branch listing pages a major overhaul! The
   "Last commit" column now shows revision number, time since 
   commit, the revision author (hyperlinked to the Launchpad
   person, if known) and the start of the commit message.
   Hover your mouse over the commit message fragment to see
   the full message. 
   See for an
 * The option to delete a branch is now always shown. If you
   try to delete a branch that isn't deletable, Launchpad 
   will tell you why you can't. (Bug 133988)
 * You can now mark your project as officially using 
   Launchpad Code Hosting. This is particularly useful to
   show  that your project hosts its trunk and stable
   branches on Launchpad and also that you'll act on branches
   that are marked for merging into one of your official
   lines of development. (Bug #78418)
 * When you register a branch in Launchpad, you can write a
   summary of the branch's purpose etc. Previously, you could
   also register a home page URL for the branch. We've now
   removed the home page URL from branches, as all URLs in
   the summary are automatically hyperlinked and are more
   useful as you can put the URL in context. If you've
   recorded a home page URL for a branch, this will be
   automatically moved to your branch's text summary.
 * Launchpad now uses Bazaar 1.3. You can find out more about
   Bazaar 1.3 at

Bug Tracker

 * When you mark a bug as affecting a project that uses a bug
   tracker other than Launchpad, you can now record an email
   address to which you've sent the bug report. (Bug 201782)
 * As of last month's release, you can attach files to a bug
   report by email. This month, we've improved the way it
   works, based on your feedback: inline attachments are now
   accepted (bug 194601), bug notifications now tell you
   when someone has attached a file to a bug you're
   interested in (bug 195664) and the contents of
   attachments are no longer quoted in a comment (bug 196425).
 * Bug notification emails now state the bug's tags in a new
   X-Launchpad-Bug-Tags header. Each tag is separated by a
   space. For example: X-Launchpad-Bug-Tags: tag1 tag2 tag3.
   (Bug 138696)
 * The latest-bugs.atom feed is now served in the correct
   order. (Bug 182822)

 * Translations can now use up to six plural forms. This is
   particularly useful for translators working in Arabic but
   it's also good news for translators in other languages 
   that use more than four plural forms. (Bug 189890) 
 * We now have a "project cloud" on Launchpad Translations'
   home page, showing a selection of the projects that use
   Translations. Each project's level of activity is
   represented by text size and weight. (Bug 103186)
 * Making a request for a large translations export is now
   faster! (Bug 160308)
 * Launchpad sometimes failed to update the "Packaged"
   versions of translations when new upstream or 
   distribution files were imported. The effect was that
   some of the "Packaged" translations shown in the UI were 
   outdated. We've fixed this and from now on new uploads
   will update the "Packaged" translations correctly. 
   (Bug 200499)

More about Launchpad releases
You can now find this and previous Launchpad release 
announcements at the new home for all information about
Launchpad releases:

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