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Release data

Release number: 2.1.10
Release date: 16th October 2008
Build number: 7183

Release announcement

The Launchpad team is excited to announce the October 16th 2008
release of Launchpad 2.1.10!

There's great news if you use Launchpad to host Bazaar branches,
plus there's the usual smaller new features and bug fixes.

Slashing branch upload times

From now on, you may notice that uploading a branch to Launchpad
is significantly quicker. With this release, we've introduced
support for Bazaar's new stacked branches feature.

Over to Launchpad Code developer, Jono Lange, for details:

  Stacked branches work just like normal branches but hold only
  the history that differentiates them from the project's
  So, if you upload a branch to a project that already has its
  trunk branch in Launchpad, you're uploading only the 
  differences between your work and the trunk.
Stacked branches mean that uploading a large project's code to
Launchpad can now take just a couple of minutes. To use them, you
need to upgrade your branches to Bazaar format 1.6 and run Bazaar
1.7 or later.

See Jono's blog post for more detail:

This bug affects me too

If you've ever come to file a bug and found that it's already
been reported, you may have wanted to let the project know that
you too have been affected. 

Trouble is: many projects find "me too" comments unhelpful 
because they don't add much to the discussion.

Launchpad's new "This bug affects me too" feature lets you record
just that but without the guilt! Give it a go in our staging

We'll use the "me too" data in future to help projects identify
hot bugs.

Also in Launchpad 2.1.10

You can find the full details of this release on its milestone
page at:

Getting help with Launchpad

Each weekday, members of the Launchpad team are taking turns to
offer help with Launchpad. Check the #launchpad channel topic
or our wiki page to see who's on duty:

Launchpad 2.1.11 is due on the 19th November. In the mean time, 
join us in #launchpad on Freenode and on the launchpad-users 
mailing list:

If you come across any bugs in Launchpad, please report them at:

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