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Release data

Release number: 1.2.1
Build number: 5568
Release date: 24th January 2008

Release announcement

Welcome to Launchpad 1.2.1, our first release of 2008!

Highlights include:

 * Delete PPA packages in the web UI: no more sysadmin
   requests to delete a package from your PPA. To delete
   packages from your PPA visit:

 * Branch feeds: get the latest commits associated with a
   person, team, project or individual branch in your feed
   reader. Take a look at the Bitlbee project's branch feed:

 * Code hosting project overviews: quick-glance overview of
   branches and revisions made to projects with code hosted
   on Launchpad. See Bazaar's overview page:

In other news: Ubuntu Hardy Heron is now available to start
translating in Launchpad. Find out more at:

Competition: we're on the look-out for a new Launchpad logo.
Send us your design for the chance to win an Ubuntu
messenger bag. See our blog post:

Read on for more of what's in Launchpad 1.2.1!

General Launchpad

 * Projects, teams and people now have Atom feeds of the
   most recent commits to the branches associated with them.
   Individual branches have a feed of their recent commits.
   Find out more at
 * Atom feeds produced by Launchpad are now correctly set to
   the application/atom+xml content type. This allows
   Wordpress to read Launchpad feeds. (Bug 181620)

Distribution Management and PPAs (Soyuz)

 * You can now use the Launchpad web interface to delete
   packages from your own PPA and any team PPAs for which
   you are are an admin.
   (Bugs 172587 and 177087)
 * When a newly uploaded source package is accepted from the
   queue its component is now overridden to "Universe".
   (Bug 120052)
 * When archive admins accept single-source uploads from the
   queue, the source is now published immediately.
   (Bug 153617)
 * Launchpad is now able to find and automatically close a
   wider variety of bug references in package changelogs.
   (Bug 159841)
 * Bug listing pages for distribution source packages have a
   new panel that shows the latest versions of the package
   published in each distroseries and the component/section
   in which it appears.
   (Bug 93293)
 * The size of binary packages in PPAs is now reported
   correctly. (Bug 180983)
 * Package counts on PPA overview pages are now accurate.
   (Bug 141591)

Code Hosting

 * A new project overview page at shows the project's
   official branches, along with the most recent revisions
   from all associated branches. (Bugs 139441 and 79493)
 * Project branch listings now hide any branches over 180
   days old if the branch listing does not fit a single
   page. A new check-box allows you to choose to view older
   branches. (Bug 79495)
 * When there are no upstream revision control details
   recorded for a product series, and you have permission to
   edit them, you are now offered links to register a Bazaar
   branch, link to an existing branch or request an import
   into a Bazaar branch. (Bug 49469)

Bug Tracker

 * Changing an existing bug watch is now easier. Simply
   paste the external bug's URL into the "change bug watch"
   form, rather than selecting the bug tracker and then
   entering the bug number. (Bug 74428)
 * New bug notification email subject lines are now prefixed
   with "[NEW]" to make them easier to identify. (Bug 29023)
 * Launchpad now recognises bug URLs from and
   correctly interprets the Trac status "accepted" to the
   Launchpad status "Confirmed. (Bugs 180210 and 180972)
 * External bug tracker overview pages now show private bugs
   but hide their title, number and status. (Bug 120144)
 * You now have the option of receiving the full original
   bug report in all bug notification emails. Visit then check the
   "Include bug descriptions when sending me bug
   notifications" box. (Bug 158668)
 * Bug listings are now sortable by the number of comments
   each bug has received. (Bug 137499)
 * If Launchpad is unable to import a bug watch's status,
   either because Launchpad doesn't yet know how to
   interpret the bug tracker's statuses or that instance of
   the bug tracker does not allow Launchpad to check for
   status updates, the bug watch page now shows a warning
   message. (Bug 32525)
 * You can now choose to search for either all or any of the
   tags you specify in a bug search. (Bug 66839)
 * When you file a bug, Launchpad shows you a list of
   similar bugs that have already been reported. If any of
   these bugs has duplicates, Launchpad now lists only the
   main bug and not its duplicates. (Bug 158455)


 * The translations import queue web interface is now faster.
 * When viewing strings marked as "untranslated", if you
   translate some or all of those strings Launchpad now
   correctly displays the following ten strings that require
   translation. Previously, it would skip some strings as
   the overall list had been shortened. (Bug 63557)
 * Some translation uploads previously failed incorrectly
   with a message saying that the file's revision date had
   not been updated. Similarly, some translation imports
   were failing if they specified their plural forms in an
   order other than the default for that language. Both of
   these issues have now been fixed. (Bug 183540).


 * Essential subscribers to a blueprint are now represented
   by a red icon in its subscriber list.
   (Bug 87962)

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