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Release data

Release number: 1.1.12
Build number: 5425
Release date: 19th December 2007

Release announcement

Welcome to the last Launchpad release of 2007! The highlights of
Launchpad 1.1.12 include:

  * Project announcements: get the latest news from a project or
    distribution directly on its Launchpad overview page. Or subscribe
    to its Atom feed.

  * Bug feeds: subscribe to an Atom feed of all the bugs related to any
    distribution, project, team and person in Launchpad. Also subscribe
    to individual bugs.

  * Higher quality bug reports: if you're a project owner you can now
    ask Launchpad to display your bug reporting guidelines to people who
    file bugs against your project.

  * Launchpad is running Bazaar 1.0.0. Congratulations to the Bazaar
    team on this new release!

Read on to get the full details of what's new in this release. See you
next year when we'll be back in January with Launchpad 1.2.1!

General Launchpad

  * You can now subscribe to an Atom feed of an individual bug and of all
    the bugs relating to a person, team or project.
    See our guide at
  * If you are a project or distribution owner, you can now publish
    news and announcements on your project overview page and as an Atom
    See our guide at
  * Launchpad automatically creates person profiles if it comes across
    a package with an email address it hasn't seen before. Sometimes,
    these "people" should be Launchpad teams. Now, someone with access
    to the team's email address can convert the Launchpad user into a
    team. (Bug 36966)
  * Your personal profile page now shows the date that you joined
    Launchpad. (Bug 157840)

Distribution Management and PPA (Soyuz)

  * Personal Package Archives now check the primary Ubuntu archive for
    candidate orig.tar.gz files. (Bug 139619)
  * Personal Package Archives upload and build notification emails now
    have a 'X-Launchpad-PPA: $ppa_owner_name' header. (Bug 172377)
  * Package history pages are now easier to use. All information about
    a package's publication is now available as an expandable section
    of the publication history table. (Bug 157064)
  * In a recent change, we disabled all email announcements for Debian
    syncs. We have now re-enabled notification of manual syncs.
    (Bug 174464)
  * Pockets with deleted publications are now detected and processed
    correctly. (Bug 163384)
  * You can now remove an association between a source package and a
    project release series. (Bug 4556)
  * Mirror overview pages now show the lines you need to add to
    /etc/apt/sources.list in order to use that mirror. (Bug 51870)

Bug Tracker

  * In the future, Launchpad will offer projects and distributions the
    option of automatically expiring bugs that have an "Incomplete"
    status, are inactive and are unattended. This feature is not yet
    active. However, project/distro bug overview pages now offer a
    report that shows which bugs would be automatically expired, were
    it enabled, and a notice is now displayed on the bug page for any
    bug that would be affected. Find out more at (Bugs 163579, 141604)
  * Projects and distributions can now set custom "bug reporting
    guidelines" for Launchpad to display at various points during the
    bug reporting process, in particular at the start. If you're a
    project or distribution owner, you can add and edit these guidelines
    from the project or distro's "Change details" page. (Bug 43893)
  * If you assign a bug to someone that Launchpad doesn't recognise as
    having a previous involvement in that project, Launchpad will
    notify you that you may have assigned it to the wrong person.
    (Bug 138500)
  * Launchpad now imports bug statuses from the Sourceforge and RT
    issue trackers. The Trac "closed" status is now correctly
    interpreted as Launchpad's "Fix Released" status, rather than
    "Invalid". (Bugs 66529, 121340, 174662)
  * If a bug is targeted to a milestone, a "milestone" badge will
    appear next to it in bug listings. (Bug 172729)
  * Some bug reports are actually requests for help. A new "Convert to
    question" option is now available in the Actions menu on bug pages.
    (Bug 3970)
  * You can now sort bug listings by the number of duplicates that each
    bug has.

Code Hosting

  * Launchpad is now using Bazaar 1.0.0. Congratulations to the Bazaar
    team on this release! You can always find out which Bazaar version
    Launchpad is running by visiting the Code Hosting home page.
  * Branch whiteboards are now editable by anyone. Following an edit,
    Launchpad notifies the branch owner. (Bug 149226)
  * When proposing a branch for merger, the default target branch is
    now the branch that is associated with the development focus series.
    Alternative targets are presented, with an option to specify any
    other branch as a target.
  * A branch listing in the context of a product now highlights the
    development focus branch if one is set for the development focus
  * When searching for branches - for example, to use as the target of
    a merge proposal - the search now also checks the name of the
    branch owner and the name of the project that the branch is
    connected to. (Bug 176247)
  * Launchpad Code's web interface now allows you to register branches
    that have underscores "_" in their name. It has always been possible
    to push a branch to Launchpad that uses underscores in its name.
    (Bug 95109)
  * Launchpad can now correctly import CVS and Subversion repositories
    with files whose names contain characters that require URI encoding
    - e.g. #, +, space, etc. (Bug 69517)


  * The "Untranslated", "Need review" and "Changed" counts on
    translation overview pages now link to listings of the strings
    in those categories. The numbers shown are also now accurate.
    (Bugs 172253, 173527)
  * When you upload a translation file with a different ordering of
    plural forms, Launchpad now tries to remap it to the default
    ordering for the language.


  * Series blueprint listings now show the milestone to which the
    blueprint is targeted. (Bug 128280)


  * When offering an answer to a question, you can easily link to an
    FAQ by quoting its number and title. For example:
    'FAQ #3: "Restricted Formats"' in an answer to an Ubuntu question
    is now automatically linked to (Bug 126371)

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