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Release data

Release number: 2.2.1
Release date: 28th Jan 2009

Release announcement

The Launchpad team are proud to announce Launchpad 2.2.1, our first
release of 2009!

In 2.2.1 we've introduced:

 * a unique signature for each Personal Package Archive
 * a way to introduce new translators to your team's way of working
 * an easier way for projects to export translations made in Launchpad.
Read on for details of what's new!

Signed PPAs

If you've recently installed software from a Personal Package Archive,
your package manager may have told you it doesn't recognise the PPA's
public key.

That's because we've added a key to each PPA in Launchpad, allowing you
to verify you're downloading from the archive you expect.

Our screencast shows how to add a PPA's key to your system:

Help new translators find their way

The ease with which newcomers can make translations is one of the 
reasons many projects choose Launchpad. 

If you're in a translation team, you can help new translators pick up
the style and rules of the project(s) you're working on by linking to
your translation style guide directly from the relevant translation

Take a look at our blog post for details:

Upstream projects: easily integrate translations made in Launchpad

Thousands of people use Launchpad to help translate Ubuntu. Many 
projects whose software is in Ubuntu also have their own translation 
efforts outside Launchpad.

In the past, translations made in Launchpad weren't always easy for
upstream projects to integrate back into their own translations.

We've added a new translation export option that provides only those
strings that have changed since we last imported the project's own
translations. This should make it much easier for projects to take and
use translations made in Launchpad.

See our help page for more:

Full details of 2.2.1

To get the full details of the Launchpad 2.2.11 release, visit its
milestone page:

If you come across a bug, please report it here:

See you next month

We'll be back in February with Launchpad 2.2.2 on the 25th.

Don't forget the Launchpad News blog:


And as always, you can join us in #launchpad on Freenode and on the 
launchpad-users mailing list:

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