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Release data

Release number: 1.1.11
Build number: 5228
Release date: 25th November 2007

Release announcement

Welcome to Launchpad 1.1.11, the penultimate Launchpad release for 2007!

We have two big pieces of news this month!

 * Personal Package Archives are now out of beta and available to all 
   Launchpad users and teams. Find out more in our quick-start guide at

 * Launchpad Translations is now much quicker and rock-solid. Expect
   exports and imports in half the time and next to no timeouts.
Read on to find out what else is new in Launchpad 1.1.11.

Distribution Management and PPA (Soyuz)

 * Personal Package Archives are now available to all Launchpad users
   who have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and imported a GPG key 
   into their Launchpad account.
 * Accepting or rejecting packages from the upload queue web interface
   now sends appropriate emails. (Bug 152400)

Code Hosting

 * Error messages generated when pushing to a branch using bzr+ssh are
   now much clearer. (Bug 93606)
 * The branch action 'Register merge proposal' has been renamed to 
   'Propose for merging' as it makes more sense to the casual user.
   (Bug 162763)
 * Launchpad's branch mirroring system should now be more reliable.
   (Bug 121331)

Bugs Tracker

 * Several improvements to the text bug view page 
   (e.g. including the 
   addition of: comments, tags, attachment URLs and the relevant 
   component (for bugs reported against distribution packages). 
   (Bugs 139327, 54333, 139398)
 * Launchpad tracks how each bug affects different projects and
   communities. A text view is now available for each of these
   instances. For example: 
   (Bug 130051)
 * Email addresses in bug descriptions are no longer visible to
   anonymous users, including search engine spiders.
 * Distribution bug package pages now show the total number of bugs
   that are open, critical, unassigned and in progress. (Bug 107402)
 * Users can now perform advanced searches within textual bug listings
   (pages ending in +bugs-text) in the same way as they can for
   graphical bug listings (pages ending in +bugs). (Bug 51836)


 * Email addresses in questions are no longer visible to anonymous 
   users, including search engine spiders.


 * The speed and reliability of Launchpad Translations should now be
   significantly improved following a major refactoring. Translations
   exports and imports are expected to be twice as fast and day to
   day translations use will be much quicker. (Bug 30602)

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