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If you find that you have more than one Launchpad account, in most cases you can easily merge them together. How easy it is depends on whether you still have access to the primary email address registered in the duplicate account.

{i} Note: When you merge two accounts, the primary account's personalisation (home page, branding, display name, etc) will remain in place. However, all the work and team memberships associated with the second account will merge with the primary account.

Step 1: Log into your primary Launchpad account and visit the account merger page.


Enter the name of the duplicate account

Step 2: Enter the Launchpad name of the duplicate account. This is the name that appears in the URL of your profile page: e.g.

If you're not sure what the account's name is, click Choose... to search.

Step 3: Launchpad will send an email to the primary email address registered in the duplicate account. Following the link in the email to confirm the merger.

You can't access the duplicate account's email address

If you no longer have access to the primary email account registered in the duplicate account, obviously you won't be able to follow the link in any email that Launchpad sends to it.

You can still ask us to merge the account manually, though. Make your request in Launchpad Answers from the account whose branding etc you want to keep. Give us the id of the duplicate account and tell us whatever you can to prove that it is your account.

If we're not certain that the duplicate account is yours, we won't be able to merge it manually.

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