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DRAFT: this page is a work in progress. Please seek further help or check the wiki index for a complete page on this topic.


Launchpad aims to be a central hub of free software projects, which includes keeping track of the many upstream projects out on the web. Launchpad tracks many projects, so it's likely that your project is already in the Launchpad directory of free software projects. If not, you can register it any time.

{i} Quick tip: you can search Launchpad to see if your project is registered.

You can manage your project's directory entry in much the same was as you would a entry. This isn't really a plug to get you to use Launchpad's applications: instead we want to encourage you to keep the data Launchpad has about your project up to date.


Taking control

If you find someone else has registered your project in Launchpad, and you want to maintain it, we can make someone from your community the project's registrant.

Once you're set up

Once you've registered your project, or taken control of its existing entry in Launchpad, here's what we suggest you do next:

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