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Translations groups

Depending on which permissions policy you choose, Launchpad makes it very easy for anyone to suggest translations for your project. However, to maintain the quality of your project's localisation, you should find someone you trust who can review those translations.

Translation groups are a convenient way to delegate responsibility for reviewing translations. The important thing to remember about them is that they're independent of any one project. So, as a project owner, you can either choose to work with an existing translation group or create your own.

Within each translation group, an individual or team is assigned to look after one or more languages. When you choose a translation group, you're entrusting the review of your project's translations to its members. Not only must you be certain that you're comfortable with the people already involved in the group but you must also be sure that you're happy with their methods of vetting new recruits.

The advantage of working with an existing translation group is that they should already have established teams for several languages, as well as the community processes necessary to ensure efficient review. However, selecting a translation group is not the same as persuading people to review translations made for your project!

An example translation group

Let's take a look at an example translation group, the default choice for most new projects: Launchpad Translators.

By visiting the group's overview page, you can see which:

Working with an existing translation group

In most circumstances, the Launchpad Translators group will suit your needs. You can learn more about Launchpad Translators in the help article about the group.

To choose Launchpad Translators, or any other existing translation group, visit<your-project>/+settings.

Although many projects find that people spontaneously contribute translations to their projects, you now need to encourage the teams within your chosen group to review translations in your project.

Creating your own translation group

If you have specific requirements for the people who review your project's translations, you may want to create your own translation group.

The only way to do that is to file a support request with the Launchpad administrators.

Next steps

Once people start using Launchpad to translate your project, you'll want to export those translations for use in your software.

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Exporting translations >

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