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The Launchpad Translators group is a set of teams and individuals working on translating software hosted in Launchpad. It is a confederation of translation teams, it is not yet another translation project.

We believe that people translating software in the same language should work in the same team, even thought they are working at different software.

There is one Launchpad localization team appointed for each language.

We encourage Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, GNOME, KDE, Mozilla, and all other translators dedicated to a specific project to join the localization team appointed for their language.

We also encourage project maintainers to appoint the Launchpad Translators group as the translation group for their project.

Project Maintainers

Every project needs high quality translation that convey with the cultural background and the already established guidelines of each language.

The Launchpad Translators group stands for those goals. Here you can find a list of steps to follow in order to use Launchpad Translations as the translation tool for you project and have it translated into many languages.


All members of a Launchpad localization teams should be knowledgable in translating software into their own language, be aware about the work of other localization teams and about other translation projects.

Below is a list of steps you might follow in order to start using Launchpad Translations for translating your favorite project or distributions.

Launchpad Localization Teams

Launchpad localization teams are the driving force behind the Launchpad translation process. Each localization team will translate and check translations on behalf of the language appointed to it.

Launchpad Translators Group will only have one team appointed to each language.

To check the current status of Launchpad Translators Group, please consult the list of Launchpad localization teams:

If the Launchpad localization team appointed to your language is no longer active, or in case you encounter problems joining or working with the team, please let us know by contacting the Launchpad Translation Coordinators.

How to start a new team and join Launchpad Translators

Here's how you can create a new team for your language and join the Launchpad Translators group:

Except for creating the guidelines and setting up a communication channel, this process should not take more than a few minutes to complete. If you need any help or you've got any questions in any of the steps, feel free to ask, and we'll be happy to give a hand.

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