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Each individual file must be no more than 200 MB and you must be the: Each individual file must be no more than 1 GiB and you must be the:

Launchpad Help > Projects > Publishing files for download

Publishing files

After all the work that's gone into a release, you want to make sure people can get hold of it. One way to distribute your software through Launchpad is to publish files for download.

First up, you need to record the release in Launchpad. You can register a release from a series milestone, or form the series page, you can register the a release and create the milestone at the same time. Next, make sure your files fall into one of the following categories:

  • code release tarball
  • installer files
  • README or other documentation
  • changelog file
  • release notes.

Each individual file must be no more than 1 GiB and you must be the:

  • project maintainer
  • project driver
  • or the series release manager.

To upload a file, visit the release's overview page and click Add download file.

Downloading files

Let's take a look at Bazaar's downloads page.

Here, files are grouped by series (major lines of development) and then by release. An MD5 checksum and the GPG signature of the uploader - where they've made it available - are available for each file.


Files from Bazaar 1.3rc1

Next step

Keeping people up to date with your project's news is an important way of building community around and interest in your project. Launchpad's project announcements let you publish news both on Launchpad and more widely by Atom feed.

< Series, milestones and releases

Making project announcements >

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