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Terminator is a project dedicated to concurrently displaying multiple terminal sessions as efficiently as possible. Like most projects, Terminator tells the world about its progress through regular announcements.

Using Launchpad, Terminator can publish their announcements in several places:


Terminator's announcements

In effect, Launchpad provides Terminator with a lightweight blog; the most obvious difference being that Launchpad doesn't offer readers the opportunity to leave comments. However, if the Terminator community had a full blog, hosted elsewhere, they could link each announcement they make on Launchpad to the releated blog post.

This helps make Terminator's Launchpad project overview page into a reference for all information about the project.

Making announcements

You don't need to do anything special to activate announcements, although you do need to be the project's owner (or member of the owning team) to post. You have the choice of publishing immediately, saving your post as a draft or setting it to publish at a future time and date.

Next step

Now that you've registered your project, you can pick and choose which parts of Launchpad you want to use. Let's take a look at the bug tracker.

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