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Source package recipes

Source package recipes are a great way of trying out the latest code from a project, with relatively little effort.

Whether you want to help others test your code, or you want to run a modified or bleeding edge version of your favourite software, with Launchpad's source package recipes you can:

So you can run the latest code, with or without your chosen modifications, without having to install from source. Plus, you get automatic Ubuntu update reminders whenever the package changes.

Source package builds is the name we give to this Launchpad feature. Most source package builds are automatically built each day and you'll see those referred to as daily builds.

Why source package recipes?

If you're running a software project, the main advantage of source package recipes is that they help with testing. In particular, they can help:

There are also some considerations that may mean source package recipes are not suitable for your project, such as:

Getting started with source package recipes

To get started with your own source package recipes you'll need source code in Launchpad, packaging information and a recipe that brings them all together. Let's take a look in more detail.

How Launchpad prioritises builds

Getting started with source package recipes >

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