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This page divides the licenses that have been reviewed by the Launchpad staff into open and proprietary groups. Licenses that comply with Legal#Project_eligibility are considered to be open, and the projects that use them are free to use Launchpad. Licenses that do not comply are considered to be proprietary. Projects with proprietary licenses can seek approval from Canonical or change to an open license.


OSI-approved / FSF-approved
Licenses already approved as free-software / open-source licenses by the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative are automatically open enough for Launchpad. Any license on one list is usually on the other. If a project wants to use a license approved by one organization but not the other, we'll consider it on a case-by-case basis (but it's incredibly rare that that would come up).



CPAL -- Common Public Attribution License

Creative Commons Attribution

Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

NOSA -- NASA Open Source Agreement

QPL -- The Q Public License Version 1.0

W3C - W3C (R) Software License

Unicode, Inc. License

zlib/libpng License


Creative Commons Noncommercial licenses (by-nc, by-nc-nd, by-nc-sa)
The noncommercial restrictions discriminate against a field of use (commercial edeavors).

Creative Commons No-Derivatives licenses (by-nd, by-nc-nd)
The no-derivatives restrictions mean that users are not free to release modified versions.

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