Release data

Release number: 3.1.12
Release date: 16th Dec 2009

Release announcement

The Launchpad team is proud to announce Launchpad 3.1.12, released on
December 16th 2009!

Let's take a look at what's new in this release.

See how many people have clicked "This bug affects me"

Bug report pages now show you how many people a bug report affects.

Not everyone wants to subscribe to or comment on a bug, even if they
do want to register that it is important to them.

Launchpad lets people do that by following the "This bug affects me" link.

Now bug report pages show you how many people have stated that the bug
affects them.

And as before, when you're searching for bugs, you can sort the results
by the number of people affected.

Patches now highlighted on bug report pages

Now you can easily see all the patches attached to a bug, separately
from other types of attachment.

When you attach a patch to a bug, Launchpad gives it a new patch icon
and there's also a separate sidebar box that lists all patches attached
to the bug.

Take a look at Deryck's blog post for more:

Community contributions

Thanks to Launchpad community members Adi Roiban, Jonathan Davies and
Luke Farone whose code landed in Launchpad during the 3.1.12 cycle.

There's more detail here:

New contributors are always welcome. Talk to us on launchpad-dev mailing

Also in Launchpad 3.1.12

You can find full details of the 3.1.12 release here:

See you next time

The first Launchpad release of 2010 is due towards the end of January.

We'll be publishing our 2010 release calendar soon on our blog:

As always, you can join us in #launchpad on Freenode and on the
launchpad-users mailing list:

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