Release data

Release number: 1.1.9
Version number: 4920
Release date: 21st September 2007

Release announcement

Welcome to Launchpad 1.1.9! Before we get started, thanks for bearing
with us while we delayed this release for a couple of days. We hate 
to delay a new roll-out but we'd rather release software that we're 
sure is ready for you to use.

So, what's new this time round?

 * New "remote" branches: register a remote branch if you want 
   Launchpad to monitor it and link to its code-browser but you don't
   want Launchpad to import the branch itself. Ideal for security 
   related branches.
 * bzr+ssh is now the recommended way to upload a branch to 
   Launchpad. sftp is still available.
 * We've updated the PPA terms of service to allow for a wider range
   of free and open licences.
 * You can now search for Incomplete bugs based on whether they've 
   had a response or not.
 * If you add a bug watch in an external tracker that Launchpad 
   doesn't already know about, you can add the new bug tracker at 
   the same time.
 * Upstream projects now have a view to show all bugs that need to be
   forwarded to that project from a distribution.
 * All of a project's translation files are downloadable in a single
 * KDE plurals and context strings are now supported in translation
   imports and exports.
There's plenty more in this release. Read on for details and 
subscribe to the Launchpad News blog to read about more about 
these new features:

General Launchpad

 * Milestone overview pages now show the total number of bugs and
   blueprints targeted against that milestone. (Bug 129815)
 * "Show all teams" on the project overview page now correctly links 
   to the teams overview page. (Bug 114394)
 * When Launchpad is offline, you will now be able to see if it is
   offline for maintenance or offline unexpectedly.
   (Bugs 121828 and 125232)
 * The Launchpad Terms of Service, PPA Terms of Service and the new
   Privacy and Data Retention Policy are now on the Launchpad Help
   wiki via

Distribution management (Soyuz)

 * PPA uploads no longer trigger an email to the package maintainer.
   The person who uploaded the package will still receive an email.
   (Bug 136418)
 * PPA uploads no longer incorrectly close bugs associated with the 
   original package in the primary Ubuntu archive. (Bug 137767)
 * Packages in team PPAs now show which team member uploaded the 
   package. (Bug 136343)   
 * Soyuz no longer performs the obsolete bzip2 dpkg pre-depends check
   when uploading packages that use bzip2 decompression. (Bug 131032)
 * Files from PPA packages that are superseded and subsequently 
   marked as pending removal will now be removed automatically. 
   (Bug 128126)
 * Source packages no longer require "debian/copyright". (Bug 134567)
 * Source package build pages now default to showing all builds,
   instead of only showing those currently building. (Bug 92960)
 * PPA acceptance and rejection emails now use PPA-specific wording. 
   Previously, they shared the same wording as emails for uploads to 
   Ubuntu. Specifically, the upload email no longer thanks the user 
   for their contribution to Ubuntu and the rejection email now 
   directs theuser to launchpad-users if they want to query the 
   rejection. (Bugs 136406 and 137661)
 * The status message for successfully built packages now also shows
   that package's current queue status - i.e. NEW, ACCEPTED or
   REJECTED. (Bug 32405)
 * Launchpad bugs that are identified in a package's changelog with 
   the format "LP: #n" are now automatically linked to that bug's 
   report. (Bug 116309)
 * The PPA Terms of Service now allow for licences approved by the
   Free Software Foundation, Creative Commons, Open Source Initiative
   and the Debian Free Software Guidelines.   

Code Branch Management (Code Hosting)

 * In addition to hosted and mirrored branches, there is now a new
   "remote" branch type. Remote branches are tracked by Launchpad but
   the branch's code is not mirrored or hosted by Launchpad. It's 
   also  now possible to add a hosted branches through Launchpad's 
   web interface, as well as by pushing the branch to Launchpad.
   (Blueprints branch-creation-refactoring and remote-branches)
 * Mirrored branch pages now show when the branch was last mirrored
   and when the next mirroring will happen. (Bug 74031)
 * Revisions shown on the branch overview page now link directly to
   codebrowse to show the diff for that revision. The formatting of 
   the revision details makes sure that the revision number is no 
   longer partially obscured under the portlets for branches that
   have many revisions. 
   Example: (Bug 133983)
 * bzr+ssh is now the recommended way to upload branches to
   Launchpad. Branch pages now show a bzr+ssh upload URL, rather
   than sftp. However, branches can still be uploaded using sftp. 
   (Bug 133599)
 * Importing a Subversion repository's trunk branch whose name does 
   not end in the word 'trunk' is now possible. (Bug 130883)
 * The code hosting FAQ now includes a link to a help page explaining
   how imports from Subversion and CVS repositories work - (Bug 106909)
 * Users are now able to create bug-branch links from the branch 
   index page. Previously users were only able to link bugs and 
   branches from the bug page. (Bug 43808)
 * A branch's owner can now delete that branch whether or not it has 
   revisions. This applies only to branches that have no other
   references, such as subscribers, links to bugs and blueprints, or
   references in branch merge proposals. Previously, branches with
   revisions could not be deleted. (Bug 137658)
 * Users can now see a listing of all branches in a project group.
   Example: (Bug 133987)
 * Clicking "Browse code" on a branch's page now shows the code
   browser's "files" page rather than the "changes" page. The 
   "changes" page is still available through the link at the top of 
   the code browse page. (Bug 134192)

Bug Tracker

 * Users can now specify binary package names on the global bug 
   reporting page. (Bugs 117055 and 121242)
 * "Incomplete" has been replaced with "Incomplete (with response" 
   and "Incomplete (without response) on the advanced bug search 
   page. Existing URLs using the `Incomplete` status will continue 
   to work. (Bug 50663)
 * Unassigned bugs that have "Incomplete" status for 60 days, in a
   particular context, will now be automatically set to "Invalid". 
   Anyone with permission to change the bug's status will still be 
   able to do so. If a comment is made on the bug, it will not 
   automatically flip back to "Incomplete" status. Any bug watches
   linked to the bug will continue to synchronise their status with
   that of the upstream bug.  (Bug 91925)
 * When adding a bug watch, if Launchpad doesn't recognise the 
   external bug tracker it will ask if you want to register the new 
   tracker at the same time. (Bug 4592)
 * The statuses of bug watches tracking bugs in Roundup trackers are 
   now correctly synchronised. (Bug 67102)
 * Bugwatches are now compatible with more instances of the Mantis 
   bug tracker. Most significantly this includes the ALSA bug 
   tracker. (Bug 134309)
 * Entering an assignee on the advanced bug search form now 
   automatically selects the correct radio button. (Bug 74443)
 * If an attachment is deleted from an otherwise empty comment that
   comment will not be displayed. (Bug 126224)
 * Upstream projects now have a view to show all bugs that need to be
   forwarded to that project from a distribution. (Bug 125788)
 * Short quoted passages and python interpreter output are no longer
   collapsed in messages. (Bugs 127879 and 128657)
 * On bug report pages, expanding an individual bug context shows the
   latest package version for that context. (Bug 134220)

Answer Tracker

 * Short quoted passages and python interpreter output are no longer
   collapsed in messages. (Bugs 127879 and 128657)
 * Question email notifications now include a Reply-To address that 
   makes it clear that any replies to that notification will be
   published as a response in Launchpad. (Bug 134587)
 * Users can now specify binary package names when editing questions.
   (Bug 138409)


 * You can now download the complete translations for a product as a
   single tarball. (Bug 82721)
 * Translations pages have been further optimised to reduce 
   timeouts. (Bug 30602)
 * A project's translation overview page now shows translations from
   the main development focus instead of defaulting to the first
   template imported. (Bug 118663)
 * KDE translation credits now have a "Launchpad Contributions" 
   header. (Bug 133817)
 * The "See import queue" link in the "Actions" menu on the
   +translations page previously caused an error. This has been 
   fixed. (Bug 135838)
 * Templates with KDE-style plurals and context strings can now be
   correctly imported and translated. When exporting .po files from a
   KDE-style template, you can choose to create either a standard or
   KDE-style .po file. (Bugs 3990 and 46982)

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