Release data

Release number: 1.1.8
Build number: 4757
Release date: 22nd August 2007

Release announcement

Welcome to Launchpad 1.1.8! This release sees a great deal of activity
in the Bug Tracker, an important new feature in Code, an exciting
development in the Personal Package Archive beta and improvements 
right across every other part of Launchpad.

Highlights include:

 * The Personal Package Archive beta is now running in production and
   available to Launchpad beta testers.
 * Branch owners can now specify which branch, if any, they intend to
   merge their code into.  This will make it easier for other
   Launchpad users to understand the original branch owner's
   intentions for their code.
 * People, projects and distribution series (e.g. Ubuntu Feisty)
   have pages showing their own translation import queues.
 * Branches with no subscribers, links or mirrors can be deleted.
 * Emails from the Bug Tracker now state the bug's milestone in the
 * Setting a bug's tag is now possible using the email interface.
 * The bug view page is easier to use following several interface

There's a whole load more, too! Read on to see the details of what's
new in Launchpad 1.1.8.

General Launchpad

 * Users can now deactivate their accounts without first contacting a 
   Launchpad administrator. (Bug 2773)
 * Project administrators can now specify which Launchpad applications
   their project uses on the 'Change details' page, rather than on a 
   separate page. (Bug 32104)
 * The boxes (also called portlets) on the left of the page now remain 
   either expanded or collpased when the page is revisited. Boxes can
   also now be expanded or collapsed using a keyboard command.
   (Bugs 83615 and 120309)
 * When merging an account, Launchpad now displays the "Merge
   accounts" header once, instead of twice. (Bug 42788)

Distribution management (Soyuz)

 * The Personal Package Archive beta has moved from dogfood into
 * Launchpad can now manage Canonical's commercial Ubuntu packages
   repository, meaning that users will in future be able to file bugs 
   against packages in the commercial repository. The commercial 
   repository will be managed using Launchpad starting with Ubuntu's
   Gutsy release. Within time, Dapper, Edgy and Feisty's commercial
   packages will also be managed in Launchpad. 
   (Bugs 118958 and 119923)
 * Anyone can inspect the upload queue for a distribution series (such
   as Ubuntu Feisty), relieving the burden on the archive
   administration team. (Bug #122823)
 * The Soyuz Queue tool now allows multiple IDs/package names to be
   specified on the command line. (Bug 48070)
 * The performance of process-death-row has been improved. 
   (Bug 125018)
 * Uploading to the PROPOSED pocket no longer closes related bugs.
   (Bug 125279)

Code Branch Management (Code Hosting)

 * Branches can now have an intended merger target branch, by
   selecting the 'Register merge proposal' menu item for branches. 
   (Blueprint branch-landing-target-initial)
 * It is now possible to upgrade the repository format of a branch
   hosted on Launchpad, using "bzr upgrade". (Bug 118653)
 * Projects that use Bazaar to manage their main development branch 
   are now shown in green on the project cloud page. (Bug 102956)
 * Launchpad no longer fails to send branch notification emails where
   the branch name, title or URL contain unicode characters.
   (Bug 127848)
 * Branch summaries and whiteboards on the branch details page now
   preserve the line breaks of the text entered. (Bug 126761)
 * Emails notifications for branches created by pushing
   to Launchpad no longer have "(no title)" in the subject.
   (Bug 121804)
 * An OOPS is no longer generated when subscribing or unsubscribing
   to a branch from a stale page. Similarly, subscribing to a branch
   twice no longer generates an OOPS. (Bugs 128379 and 105159)
 * Branches that are not associated with any bugs or blueprints, nor
   have any subscribers, nor have any revisions can now be deleted.
   (Bug 34540)
 * The Launchpad Code homepage now has a preview of the project cloud,
   and each of the short listings ("Recently imported", "Recently
   registered", "Recently updated") now has a 'more ...' link.
   (Bugs 128437 and 128438)

Bug Tracker

 * The bug view page has seen many improvements, including:
   - The "Bug details" box in the left-hand column has been removed, 
     as it only duplicated information available in main part of the
     page. Also, the bug status bar is now expandable by clicking 
     new down-arrow icons in the Status and Importance columns, as 
     well as at the right-hand side of the table. (Bug 44041)
   - When viewing a bug in the context of an unrelated project - e.g. 
     viewing a Firefox bug in the context of Zope 3 - the page header 
     now correctly reports that the bug has not been reported in that 
     project. (Bug 6375)
   - The status, assignee, importance and milestone of a duplicate bug
     cannot be changed. (Bug 54801)
   - The title of the "Search" box in the left-hand menu has been 
     shorted, so that it no longer overruns the width of the box. 
     (Bug 90019)
   - When adding a comment to a duplicate bug, a message now warns 
     that comments should only be about whether the bug's duplicate 
     status is correct. (Bug 90329)
   - Searching for the word 'upstream' in a project's bugs will now
     return only those bug reports that use that word. Previously they
     returned every bug report in the project.
     (Partial fix for bug 90534)
   - Bug comments now use the phrase "wrote on", instead of "said on".
     (Bug 102676)
   - The bug details text for security bug reports is now correctly 
     formatted. (Bug 72939)
   - The list of related branches on a bug report now includes the
     name of each branch, with links to the branch and its developer. 
     (Bug 90534)
   - The word "upsteam" is no longer appended to the project name in
     bugs reported against upsteam projects. (Bug 86714)
 * It is now possible to filter email bug notifications by milestone, 
   as the X-Launchpad-Bug email header now contains a Milestone field.
   (Bug 122677)
 * Users are now able, using the advanced bug search form, to search 
   for bugs by commenter as well as by reporter and assignee. 
   Similarly, users can now view a list of all the bugs on which they 
   have commented by clicking the 'List commented bugs' link on their 
   bug summary pages. (Bug 5937)
 * Users can now search for bugs by subscriber. (Bug 113451)
 * Only the administrators of a team can set that team as the bug 
   contact of a package. (Bug 109652)
 * When setting the URL of an external bug tracker, Launchpad now 
   checks to ensure that the URL is not already registered as the 
   address of another external tracker. (Bug 128369)
 * Launchpad now correctly interprets the statuses of bugs in external
   Trac bug trackers. See 
   (Bug 67095)
 * A project group's "Report a Bug" page now links to the external bug
   trackers or associated source package for each member project if 
   they do not use the Launchpad bug tracker. (Bug 120460)
 * The bug tracker's email interface has a new command to add a tag to
   a bug. (Bug 58388)
 * An OOPS no longer occurs when removing the source package field of 
   a bug already targeted to a distribution. (Bug 127025)
 * If a bug is a duplicate of a bug that the current user does not 
   have permission to view (e.g. it is a private bug), the link to 
   that bug is no longer shown. The public duplicated is now viewable
   by anyone, not just those with access to the private bug.
   (Bug 130785)
 * The email telling users that they have been subscribed to a bug is 
   now sent from that bug's own email address - e.g. - rather than appearing to come from the 
   original reporter of the bug. (Bug 94321)
 * Made various improvements to the UI in the guided bug filing 
   process. (Bug 126924)
 * Output from dpkg was incorrectly hidden in bug comments, as 
   Launchpad interpreted the pipe character "|" as quoted text. This
   is now fixed. (Bug 121735)
 * The bug subscription notification email is now threaded with other
   emails related to that bug and includes rationale for why the
   recipient has received it. (Bug 107001)
 * When automatically creating a bug watch from a URL in a bug
   comment, there is no longer an error when the comment contains 
   either non-ASCII unicode characters or more than one URL per line.
   (Bugs 129948 and 123074)
 * The "Tags" and "Filters" boxes are now displayed on the main bug
   search page. (Bug 129963)
 * Private bug reports now have a distinctive background and icon, to
   act as a reminder not to disclose them. (Bugs 125783 and 125785)
 * If an external bug in Debian BTS has the status "wontfix", Launchpad
   now correctly shows that as "Won't Fix". (Bug 126523)
 * Editing a bug and adding the same tag twice no longer causes an
   OOPS. (Bug 98614)
 * Bugs marked as duplicate no longer appear in milestone listings
  (Bug 73186). 
 * Bugs explicitly targeted to a development focus series no longer
   appear twice in milestone listings (Bug 112280).
 * Problems with the font size on bug pages have been fixed.
   (Bug 126957)
 * Launchpad sends an error notification email when a new bug report,
   submitted using the email interface, fails. The notification has
   been rewritten to be clearer and more helpful. (Bug 33365) 
 * Searching in bug comments has been temporarily disabled until the
   (non-trivial) performance problems that caused bug searches to time
   out have been resolved. (Bug 131299)

Answer Tracker

 * All question statuses now have a distinct color in question 
   listings. (Bug 73060)
 * Improved wording on the Answers page for projects. Now says 
   "<Project> has unanswered questions...", rather than "unsolved 
   questions". (Bug 126575)


 * People, projects and distribution series now all have an option to
   view their associated translations import queue. (Bug 40550) 
 * Translations can now have an associated context - as introduced 
   in gettext 0.15 - to explain how the string is used. 
   (Blueprint rosetta-message-contexts)
 * English no longer appears in translation bar graphs, because it is
   not a translatable language, nor are phrases in English offered
   as suggestions. (Bugs 121579 and 130878)
 * Optimised +translate pages to reduce timeouts. (Bug 30602)
 * View filters on +translate pages are now also applied when 
   displaying errors. (Bug 112308)
 * The list of translatable versions of a project is now more visible
   on the project's Translations page. (Bug 126426)

Blueprint Tracker

 * Users can now register blueprints from distribution and product
   series, with the option of automatically proposing new blueprints 
   as series goals. Additionally, users can now find the "Register a 
   blueprint" button on sprint blueprint listings. 
   (Bugs 116619 and 126518)
 * When re-targeting a blueprint to a non-existent project or
   distribution, Launchpad displays a helpful error message.
   (Bug 127073)
 * In the context of a distribution or project series, the "Actions"
   menu now has a "List all blueprints" option. (Bug 128121)
 * Adding a blueprint as a dependency of itself no longer produces an
   OOPS error. (Bug 132925)
 * Feedback requests are now clearer on blueprint pages. (Bug 3354)

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