Release data

Release number: 1.1.7
Build number: 4574
Release date: 18th July 2007

Release announcement

The past four weeks have flown by in a flurry of activity here in the
Launchpad team, resulting in the most improvements of any 2007 release
so far! 1.1.7 brings bug fixes and new features right across Launchpad.

What's new in 1.1.7?

Highlights in Launchpad 1.1.7 include:

 * Larger font size: visit and you'll see that we've
   increased the size of the text used on the site, making it easier to
   read Launchpad's default text size. 
 * New remote bug tracker support: Launchpad can now track bugs in the
   Mantis bug tracker.
 * Improved duplicate bug handling: if someone has already reported the
   bug you've encountered it's now much easier to select that report
   rather than create a duplicate.
 * Frequently Asked Questions in the Answer Tracker: answer contacts
   can now mark frequently asked questions and create a canonical
   answer that is available to anyone using the Answer Tracker.
 * Teams can now set their default language, allowing a team to become
   an answer contact for a specific language.
 * Branch associations: you can now see all bugs, blueprints and
   subscribers associated with a branch on its branch associations
Read on for full details of Launchpad 1.1.7!   
General Launchpad

 * Launchpad's font size is now larger and is now easier to read.
   (Bug 82344 and Bug 87471)
 * If a team member has the rights to extend their own membership, 
   Launchpad will now provide them with a link to do so (Bug 12136)
 * Safari rendering has been improved (Bugs 102155 and 109517)
 * A layout problem on distribution series pages has been fixed. 
   (Bug 111783)
 * Chart bars in Launchpad Translations are now displayed more
   correctly by W3M. (Bug 39292)
 * Links to "Report a bug" in the Bug Tracker have been reworked to be
   less confusing and easier to read. (Bugs 3786 and 121199)
 * Expandable areas, such as the bug comment field, no longer flicker
   open while pages are loading. (Bug 87221)
 * Internet Explorer no longer encounters a JavaScript error on most
   Launchpad pages. (Bug 110926)
 * The text of the link to see project membership has been reworded
   for clarification (Bug 121761)
 * The green home menu's projects link now correctly links to projects
   instead of products. (Bug 124246)
 * A logic error in the team invite form has been fixed. Previously
   this would result in an error being displayed to users. (Bug 125042)
 * Several updates were made to how we deal with folding quoted (and
   other) text to increase readability. (Bugs 40526 and 122681) 
 * When filing new bugs and questions, the algorithm to look for
   similar items was tweaked to offer better suggestions when there are
   very few existing items. (Bug 126587)
Distribution management (Soyuz)

 * Upload archive consistency checks have been improved. They now 
   detect file collisions before they get into publishing tables.
   (Bug 119753)
 * The "builder page" has been modified to store logs as utf-8 text. 
   (Bug #122439) 
 * We now use the changed-by person instead of the maintainer for
   announcing the -changes (e.g. gusty-changes) emails. A typo in the
   upload rejection email was also fixed (Bug 122086 and Bug 120605)
 * We now extend the distroseries FROZEN state to allow uploads for all 
   pockets. (Bug 67790)
 * Minor fixes were applied to the ftpmaster-tool to correct some
   functionality issues. (Bug 121784) A larger refactoring effort is
   planned for the future.
 * " -S" now only affects binaries built by the 
   source package in the suite currently being acted upon (32135)
 * Uploads rejected because of non-ASCII chars will now be accepted.
   (Bug 121711)

Infrastructure and System Administration

 * Further changes have been made to improve our ability to reconnect
   to the database when an individual server has issues. This helps
   to prevent the appearance that Launchpad is down when actually only
   one individual server is unhappy.
 * The accuracy of database timeouts has been improved thus preventing
   tardy timeout errors. (Bug 107722)

Code Branch Management (Code Hosting)

 * Launchpad now serves hosted and mirrored branches over bzr+ssh, as
   well as sftp. (Spec supermirror-smart-server)
 * We no longer display merged or abandoned branches on the Latest Code 
   portlet for projects. (Bug 116033)
 * When registering a branch via "bzr register-branch" we now correctly
   check to see if the branch URL is valid and has a unique branch
   name. When register-branch does fail, it now produces a more
   informative error message. (Bug 78522 and Bug 124441)
 * There is a new page that shows a branch's associated bugs, 
   blueprints and subscribers. (branch-associations-view) e.g.

Bug Tracker

 * Initial support for tracking bugs in the Mantis bug tracker has
   been added. (Bug 32266)
 * Triaged bugs are now correctly included in the default bug listing.
   (Bug 121636)
 * Closing bugs from changelogs now works when the changelog contains 
   a URL or CVE reference.(Bug 123534)
 * A temporary issue prevented bugs from being closed via changelogs.
   This has now been fixed. (Bug 121606)
 * The warning about a bug contact subscription is now gender neutral.
   (Bug 97268)
 * Including CVEs in a package upload that closes a bug now works
   correctly (Bug 123968)
 * Improvements to the bug search should result in fewer timeout
   errors when filing new bugs with long text strings. (Bug 86361)
 * The +filebug page now prompts users, who find their bug is already
   reported, to subscribe to the bug instead of creating a duplicate. 
   (Bug 116364)
 * The list of bugs returned when using +filebug (i.e. "Your bug may 
   have already been reported") now display their current status. 
   (Bug 79115)
 * The BugZilla resolutions 'CODE_FIX' and 'PATCH_ALREADY_AVAILABLE' 
   (for bugs of status CLOSED, VERIFIED or RESOLVED in BugZilla) are 
   now mapped to the Launchpad 'Fix released' bug status. Bugzilla's 
   'WONTFIX' resolution now correctly maps to Launchpad's 'Won't Fix' 
   status. Previously, these resolutions were incorrectly mapped to 
   Launchpad's 'Invalid' status (Bug 121348 and Bug 113974).
 * Anonymous users may no longer nominate a bug for release and will 
   be asked to log in when they attempt to do so. Previously, anonymous 
   users trying to nominate a bug for release would trigger an 
   application error (Bug 90791).
 * The text displayed on the 'report a bug as affecting another 
   upstream project' form has been reworded to support teams and be
   gender neutral (Bug 97268).
 * It is no longer possible to use the bug-filing forms at to file bugs against 
   projects that do not use Launchpad for bug tracking (Bug 113268).
 * It is no longer possible to attempt to file bugs, answers or 
   blueprints against empty project groups. Previously, users would be 
   presented with blank or un-submittable forms when attempting to add 
   these items to an empty project group. Empty project groups' Bugs, 
   Blueprints, Translations and Answers facets are now disabled by 
   default. A warning will be shown to empty groups' owners advising 
   them to add projects to their group 
   (Bugs 106523, 124428 and 124434).
 * The Bug Tracker statistics now report Bug Tracker statistics and 
   not Translations Statistics. (Bug 121353)
 * A situation where bugs could be both targeted and nominated for a
   release has been fixed. (Bug 118915)
 * Bug search bookmarks no longer generate an error when clicked. This
   was fixed in production shortly after it occurred. (Bug 122550)
 * A distribution driver may now add and remove any person to/from the 
   bug contacts list. (Bug 29022)
 * The "Date Last Updated" has been added to the bug details portlet.
   (Bug 5936)

Answer Tracker
 * Launchpad now has an FAQ management facility. (Implement faq-base 
   blueprint and closes bug 117914)
 * It is now possible for a team to set their default language.
   (Bugs 121075, 121077, 121089, 121093, and 121094)
 * Highlighting and contrast in answers has been improved.
   (Bug 73009 and Bug 105135)
 * The question page HTML no longer claims to be in English even when 
   it's known not to be. It now claims to be non-English for better
   search engine processing. (Bug 119288)
 * It is now possible to add a new question from the question page.
   (Bug 120211)
 * When users state that their problem is solved, we no longer highlight
   a best answer. Instead, they can now select the specific answer that
   helped them solve the problem at a later time. To reflect this change,
   the button called 'I Solved My Problem' was renamed to 'Problem Solved'. 
   (Bug 107810)
 * The Answer Tracker now recognises English variants - e.g. Canadian
   English - and will send questions in English to anyone who selected an 
   English variant in their preferred languages. (Bug 122063)
 * The "Unsupported View" which contained questions asked in a language
   for which there was no answer contact has been removed. Instead we
   display a leading paragraph of links to unsolved questions by 
   language. (Bug 118726)
 * Minor aesthetic improvements have been made to the questions page. 

 * The user interface for translating strings has been improved: 
   packaged translations are marked clearly, suggestions display has been 
   cleaned up, and fonts have changed to emphasize translation text over 
   less important information. (Bugs 81681, 83360, 103525)
 * The +pots pages have been made clearer and easier to read.
 * Duplicate suggestions will no longer appear when translating using
   the Launchpad interface. (Bug 121582)
 * Launchpad no longer reports an error on both the translation and 
   translation status pages when products don't have a translation
   reviewer assigned.
 * Translation credits are now automatically handled by Launchpad by
   listing all contributors in Launchpad along with credits coming from
   the PO files.  GNOME and KDE style translation credits are supported.
   (Bug 116, specification translation-credit-strings)
 * Launchpad translation modes have changed. The former CLOSED mode is
   now called RESTRICTED and we have a new CLOSED mode, which limits
   all translation activity - including suggestions - to translation
   team members. This is useful where a project requires copyright
   assignment and requires that translators sign an agreement before
   starting work.  
 * Selecting translation suggestions from an alternate language works 
   again.  (Bug 85117)
 * Uploaders of translation templates are notified by email when their
   uploads have been processed.  (Bug 88875)
 * Uploading translation tarballs will no longer fail if the tarballs 
   contain empty translation files, editor backups of translation
   files etc.  (Bug 102381) 

Blueprint Tracker

 * When registering a blueprint with an upper-case name, Launchpad
   no longer issues an error message. Instead, names are now 
   automatically converted to lower case. (Bug 111799)
 * It is now possible to register blueprints directly from project group 
   pages. While looking at a project group page, select "register a 
   blueprint" from the actions panel. 
   (Spec register-blueprints-from-project-groups)
 * Vertical white-space and a 'register blueprint' button have been added
   to the listing pages. (Bug 99967 and Bug 123494)
 * Previously, blueprints with the same name but for different 
   projects could mistakenly be linked instead of the relevant 
   blueprint in the target project. This has been fixed. (Bug 79377)
 * Email notifications now correctly state Blueprints instead of the
   deprecated "Specification" name. (Bug 88561)
 * Adding dependencies to blueprints now uses a pop-up control instead
   of a drop-down control. This should make the process of establishing
   dependencies easier. (Bug 78265)
 * The graphical "register a blueprint" link now works correctly.
   (Bug 125126)
 * Blueprints can now be registered from a sprint homepage and 
   automatically proposed for that sprint.
 * The implementation status of blueprints requiring no implementation 
   can now be set to informational. Use this option to track blueprints 
   that do not result in any products other than the blueprint itself.
   (Spec implicitly-informational-blueprint)
 * Launchpad now notifies a user by email when their subscription to a 
   blueprint is changed by someone else. (Bug 70982)

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