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Release number: 1.1.6
Build number: 4415
Release date: 20th June 2007

Release announcement

Welcome to Launchpad's June 2007 release, milestone 1.1.6!

It has been another month of intense activity here on the Launchpad.
Alongside the usual bug fixes and incremental improvements, this release

 * New bug statuses: the names of some bug statuses have been improved,
   with no effect on how are they are used. However, two new bug
   statuses have been introduced that are available only to a project's
   bug contacts. You can find out more at
 * Teams can now only join other teams with the approval of the first
   team's administrator.
 * Team members can now renew their own memberships, when their
   membership is close to expiry if the team is setup with an on-demand 
 * Answer contacts will now receive notification of new questions in
   their preferred languages only.
 * Launchpad Translations now displays how many and which of a project's
   translations diverge from upstream.
 * After nearly three years, the rosetta-users mailing list is closing.
   All Launchpad Translations discussion is now on launchpad-users.
 * File Downloads - released in 1.1.5 - allow projects to make tarballs,
   installers and documentation available for download through
   Launchpad. Find out more at

Read on for full details of what's new in milestone 1.1.6.

General Launchpad
 * Adding a team (e.g. "Team Foo") as a member of another team (e.g.
   "Team Bar") now requires confirmation from one of the added team's
   ("Foo") administrators. (Bug 53637)
 * Distribution mirror entries now have a private status whiteboard.
   This will help mirror owners and admins in performing routine mirror
   management. (Bug 65488)
 * It is now possible to allow team members to renew their own 
   memberships in some teams, by choosing On-Demand as the team's renewal 
   policy. (Bug 70519)
 * We deployed a number of back-end performance improvements, as well as 
   laying the ground work for changes coming in 1.1.7.
 * When a team uses Automatic/On-Demand as the renew policy they are now 
   required to specify a default renewal period.
 * Email addresses inside the Answer and Bug Trackers are now obfuscated 
   to anonymous (not logged in) users - e.g. Google. (Bug 60195)
 * Quoted emails and standard signature lines are now stripped from
   emailed responses to Answer Tracker questions and also bug reports. 
   (Bugs 110115 and 2650)

Distribution management (Soyuz)
 * Package override information was generated incorrectly, preventing
   proper archive indexes from being created for Gutsy. This meant
   that Gutsy testers were unable to update from
   We were able to limit user impact by making a quick update before this 
   official release. (Bug 117723).
 * Build pages are now found on the sourcepackagerelease page, not
   +builds (Bug 87281)
 * Upload notifications now handle all exceptions correctly,
   thus providing accurate status. (Bug 119749)
 * Security uploads are now applied in a more timely manner, now that
   the processing no longer requires an accepted .orig file be available 
   before the next cron.daily run. (Bug 77853)
 * Soyuz now consistently copies the correct binaries from build to
   publish. Previously, in some rare cases, the binaries were not
   published. (Bug 116833)
 * Soyuz now allows security uploads to contain the source and all
   binaries in a single changefile. This is implemented as a
   transaction, allowing the fixes to be published atomically. (Bug
 * Removed packages are no longer shown on the
   /people/$person/+packages page. (Bug 50399)

Infrastructure and System Administration
 * The copyright message on the Librarian front page now correctly
   includes 2007. (Bug 112396)
 * Further work has improved the database reconnection code, providing
   a more reliable end user experience. (Bug 117993)
 * The Staging and Demo servers now easily identifiable thanks to
   watermarks in the background of each page. (Bug 65800)
 * You can now see which other projects a person or team is involved in
   by viewing the related projects listing on their person/team page.
   (Bug 1135)
Code Branch Management (Code Hosting)
 * The branch registration page now explains how to upload a branch by
   linking to the appropriate page on (Bug 103131)
 * Users are able to subscribe other people and teams to branches.
   (Bug 55096)

Bug Tracker
 * We have introduced a new bug workflow, with the most visible change
   is a set of new and renamed bug statuses. See for
   further details.
 * If a source package has the same name as the binary package, users
   are now able to file bugs against the source package. Previously,
   only bugs against the binary were permitted, which generated
   confusing messages. (Bug 81014)
 * It is now possible to approve/reject multiple bug nominations for
   product series and distribution series. (Bug 114763)
 * A notification is now displayed upon subscribing someone else to a
   bug. (Bug 91580)
 * Bug status and importance are now colour-coded in the bug listing.
   (Bug 56709)
 * CVE and web link information for external bug trackers are now
   extracted from bug comments and applied to the bug record. (Bug 1804)
 * Bug reporting tools - such as Apport - can now submit private bugs
   (Bug 116367) and subscribe users to bug reports (Bug 116369). You 
   can find a guide to using bug reporting tools with Launchpad at
 * In distribution bug searches, it is now possible to apply multiple
   upstream bug filter types at once. (Bug 6572)
 * To relieve the bottle-neck caused by Ubuntu drivers being the only
   people able to nominate bugs for release, now anyone with the
   relevant upload permissions for a component can also nominate bugs 
   in that component. For example: if a developer has upload 
   permissions for universe, she can also nominate universe bugs for
   release.  (spec motu-bug-persmissions)

Answer Tracker
 * Launchpad no longer generates an error when no search text is entered
   on the "search all questions" page (Bug 116920)
 * Question priorities were disabled. (Bug 51443)
 * Answer Tracker email notifications now include an explanation of why
   you're receiving the notification, similar to those produced by the
   Bug Tracker. (Bug 94094)
 * It is now possible to filter questions by preferred language only.
   (Bug 111114)
 * The Answer Tracker's front page now displays the most active projects
   using the Answer Tracker (Bug 108062)
 * It is now possible to be an answer contact for only your preferred
   language. Previously you also received notices in English. If you
   don't select a preferred language, it will automatically be set to
   your browser language preferences. (Bug 81369)
 * The "Also notified" list generated when a response is posted to a
   question now accounts for non-English posts. It will correctly display
   only answer contacts who have chosen the language of the original
   question. (Bug 94887)
 * Questions now redirect to the proper question page if they have been
   retargeted. Questions also redirect to the proper context when
   accessing a question through the wrong context (Bug 112990). This
   effectively implements a global URL for questions:<question_id> will redirect to 
   the proper context.  
 * The asked question is now included in the email notification to 
   answer contacts. (Bug 107390)
 * The question asked in a language for which there are no answer 
   contacts is now included in the notification. (Bug 116515)

 * Launchpad no longer generates an OOPS message when translations are
   unavailable for a particular project. (Bug 118867)
 * Back-end changes were made to improve PO parser performance
 * The PO Parser wrapping method no longer breaks the line in the middle
   of escape sequences. Previously this resulted in broken PO exports.
   (Bug 46156)
 * It is now possible to see how many and which translations diverge
   from upstream. (Bug 32471)
 * It is now possible to filter on new suggestions. This displays only
   those items with new suggestions on the translate page so they are
   easy to find by reviewers. 
 * Text referencing the old rosetta mailing list has been replaced
   with links to the Answer Tracker.
 * Optimizations intended to cure database timeouts occurring on
   +translate have been applied. (bug 30602)

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