Any open source project may choose to purchase a commercial subscription to enable additional privacy features. Proprietary projects require a commercial subscription. Details about commercial subscriptions are found on the project's "Sharing" page.

Projects with a commercial subscription can configure the bug and branch sharing policies:


We recommend that projects share all information types with their developer teams. Sharing with your organisation team will also ensure your co-workers are informed and can do their job. Avoid sharing with users because they leave projects and organisations; if a user needs access to confidential information either add the user a team that is already shared with or subscribe the user to just the bugs and branches then need to work with.

As the maintainer of a project with a commercial subscription, you can create:

You can purchase a commercial subscription at the Canonical store for US$250/year/project + applicable V.A.T. If you select 'Other/Proprietary' as the project license, the project overview page also shows the directions to purchase a commercial use subscription

Read more about a commercial subscription to Launchpad

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