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Just as it's easy to create your own Bazaar branch of code that's registered in Launchpad, you can also host your code on Launchpad. It's free and means that your code is:

The easiest way to get your code on Launchpad is to push your branch using Bazaar. Alternatively, Launchpad can mirror a Bazaar branch that's hosted elsewhere on the internet or convert existing Subversion and CVS repositories into Bazaar branches.

Pushing your Bazaar branch to Launchpad

Registering your branch in Launchpad

First up, you need to tell Launchpad about your branch. Visit your branch registration page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: if you haven't already, you should read our guide to creating your own branch.

You should leave most of the options on the branch registration page at their default setting, other than:

Once you've clicked the Register branch button, you're ready to push your code up to Launchpad.

Making the first push


Before you do anything else, you need to tell Launchpad who you are and then ask Bazaar to log into Launchpad using your account. If you haven't already, register your SSH key with Launchpad. Next, open up a terminal and enter:

$ bzr launchpad-login your-id

Replace your-id with your Launchpad id - e.g. matthew.revell rather than your email address.

On your new branch's overview page, you'll see the Bazaar command you need to issue in order to push your branch up to Launchpad.

Open up a terminal and enter:

$ bzr launchpad-login your-username

Note: The username you need to use in place of your-username is your Launchpad username. This isn't the email address you use to log into Launchpad but is instead the final portion of the URL of your profile page.

If your login is successful, Bazaar will give you no message.

Now, copy the Update this branch: command from your branch's overview page and paste it in your terminal. Before hit Enter, add --use-existing-dir to the command, so it looks something like this:

$ bzr push lp:~your-username/project-name/branch-name --use-existing-dir

Note: You only need to add use-existing-dir the first time that you push to a newly registered branch.

Bazaar will now push your up to Launchpad. Give it a minute or two, then refresh your branch's overview page and you'll see the branch's most recent commits, as well as information about the format of your branch.

You can use Launchpad to host Bazaar branches of your code and, optionally, associate them with projects.

Launchpad offers a directory of and hosting serivce for fraee software code.

Using Launchpad, you can host Bazaar branches of code and, optionally, associate them with projects. You can also make your code available through Launchpad by mirroring it from elsewhere on the internet or by asking Launchpad to import it into a Bazaar branch from a Subversion or CVS repository.

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