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=== Ben ===

  * attachment:logolaunchpad.jpg
  * attachment:logolaunchpadmini.jpg
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=== Thorsten Wilms ===
 * My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~t-w-]
 * attachment:thorwil_hub_08_set.png
 * SVG: attachment:thorwil_hub_08_set.svg

Launchpad Logo Contest Submissions


Please submit all entries for the [wiki:logo Launchpad Logo Community Design Contest] by editing this page. This page will be locked at the end of the contest.

Tip for newbies

When editing the source, to add your images use this format:


It took me a while to click and I hope this helps the next person.


Sascha Böckmann

  • My Launchpad ID is:
  • My Designs are:
    • attachment:fraggle14.png - 14px
    • attachment:fraggle64.png - 64px
    • attachment:fraggle192.png - 192px
    • attachment:fraggle.svg - svg

Felipe Meireles

  • My Launchpad ID is:
  • My Designs are:
    • attachment:raz0r.png attachment:raz0r.svg

Damián Vila

  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~damianvila damianvila]

  • My designs are:
    • attachment:dv-logo.png - logo
    • attachment:dv-mugshot.png - mugshot
    • attachment:dv-hackergotchi.png - hackergotchi
    • attachment:dv-favicon.png - favicon
    • Everything (+ more) in SVG: attachment:dv-launchpad.svg

Donn Ingle

Idea one

If the power will only stay on long enough in South Africa for me to post this...

  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~donn-ingle]

  • I stuck to the no-background request and tried to capture the fun spirit of the overall Launchpad design.
  • My designs, such as they are:
    • attachment:donn_lp_192.png
    • attachment:donn_lp_64.png
    • attachment:donn_lp_14.png
    • Alternate icons- attachment:donn_lp_other_icons.png
    • The SVG (bzip2) source- attachment:donn.lp.svg.tar.bz2

Idea Two

Don't mean to spam the page, but I was just having fun with Inkscape and came up with some more ideas.

  • attachment:donn_idea2.1.png attachment:donn_idea2.2.png attachment:donn_idea2.3.png

attachment:donn_idea2.4.png attachment:donn_idea2.5.png attachment:donn_idea2.6.png

  • SVG (bzip2) - attachment:idea2.svg.tar.bz2

Idea Three

Well, it was a long Sunday and I had a few more ideas. There are always more sketches and ideas in the SVG than appear here. The fonts used are 'Danube' and 'Creampuff'. Danube is licenced as "free for personal use". Creampuff, as near as I can tell, is 'free'.

  • attachment:donn.idea.3.1.png attachment:donn.idea.3.2.png attachment:donn.idea.3.3.png attachment:donn.idea.3.4.png

attachment:donn.idea.3.5.png attachment:donn.idea.3.6.png attachment:donn.idea.3.7.png attachment:donn.idea.3.8.png

  • SVG (bzip2) - attachment:idea3.svg.tar.bz2

Idea Four

Sheesh, every time I doodle something it's a new LP logo idea.

  • attachment:donn.idea.4.png
  • SVG (bzip2) - attachment:idea4.svg.tar.bz2

Idea Five

More experimental ideas.

  • attachment:idea5.png
  • SVG (bzip2) - attachment:idea5.svg.tar.bz2

Gabriel Coimbra

  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~silveiracoimbra]

  • My designs are:
    • attachment:Icon.png - Symbol
    • attachment:Mugshot.png - Brand
    • attachment:Logo.png - Brand
    • attachment:Launchpad_Logo.svg - Identity


  • attachment:logolaunchpad.jpg
  • attachment:logolaunchpadmini.jpg

Diogo Lima

  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~diogooo]

  • My designs are:
    • attachment:launchpad64x64.png
    • attachment:launchpad192x192.png
    • attachment:source_launchpad.svg

Savvas Radević

Proposal A - "LP"

  • Used font: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
    • 14x: attachment:medigeek_LP14.png attachment:medigeek_LP14_alt.png
    • 64x: attachment:medigeek_LP64.png
    • 192x: attachment:medigeek_LP192.png attachment:medigeek_LP192b.png
    • SVG Source: attachment:medigeek_LPb.svg

P.S. There are more ideas and samples inside the svg source, but not many for tiny 14x14.

Proposal B - "Community"

  • 14x: attachment:medigeek2_community14x14.png attachment:medigeek2_community14x14_alt.png
  • 32x: attachment:medigeek2_community32x32.png
  • 64x: attachment:medigeek2_community64x64.png attachment:medigeek2_community64x64_alt.png
  • 192x: attachment:medigeek2_community192x192.png
  • 192x ("rocketshirt"): attachment:medigeek2_community192x192_rocketshirt.png
  • Source: attachment:medigeek2_community.svg

P.S. There could be variations with or without the rocket inside, but the smaller the image is, the less it should contain.

Brian Cluff

  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~fone626]

  • My designs are:
    • attachment:launchpadlogo.png 192x192 64x64 14x14
    • SVG Source: attachment:launchpadlogo.svg

Variation 1

  • attachment:launchpadlogo2.png 192x192 64x64 14x14 with a subtle LP
  • SVG Source: attachment:launchpadlogo2.svg

Siim Sindonen

  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~siim]

  • My designs are:
    • attachment:launchpad_logo_siim.png
    • SVG: attachment:launchpad_logo_siim.svg

Matt Trudel

  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl mathieu-tl]

  • I am so not original, it is not even funny. At least those are true to the Ubuntu and Canonical "traditions"
  • My designs are:
    • 14px: attachment:launchpad-mt-14.png
    • 64px: attachment:launchpad-mt-64.png
    • 192px: attachment:launchpad-mt-192.png
    • SVG Source: attachment:launchpad-mt.svg

Ryan Close

  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~RyGuy]

  • My designs are:
  • Version 1
    • 14px: attachment:LP_v1_14.png
    • 64px: attachment:LP_v1_64.png
    • 192px: attachment:LP_v1_192.png
    • SVG Source: attachment:launchpad_02.svg
  • Version 2
    • 14px: attachment:LP_v2_14.png
    • 64px: attachment:LP_v2_64.png
    • 192px: attachment:LP_v2_192.png
  • Version 3
  • other sizes can be supplied.
    • 192px: attachment:LP_v3_192.png


  • My Launchpad ID is: [http://launchpad.net/~goulier-jules]

  • My designs are:
    • attachment:Djul_14.png
    • attachment:Djul_64.png
    • attachment:Djul_192.png
    • There is a white double ring on the background. And of course you can't see it on a white background. Enjoy!!


  • attachment:leg.png
  • attachment:leg.svg

Troy James Sobotka

  • LP ID: troy-sobotka
  • attachment:lp-showcase-0.png

Thorsten Wilms

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