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DRAFT: this page is a work in progress. Please seek further help or check the wiki index for a complete page on this topic.

Creating an account

To create a new Launchpad account, visit the account sign-up page. All you need is an email address that Launchpad can use to contact you.

A few things to note:

Once you've created your account, it's time to tell other Launchpad users a bit about yourself.

Personalising your profile

When you first create your account, your profile looks pretty bare. You can add information about yourself straight away. Once you start to use Launchpad, your profile will also automatically tell people about the sort of work you do in Launchpad.


Matthew Revell's profile page

You can personalise your profile in a few different ways:

Your Launchpad name

You've already chosen your display name - i.e. the name other people will see next to work you do - but Launchpad has also automatically generated a system username for you.

Launchpad refers to this as your name and it's mostly used in URLs. If you're an Ubuntu member, it also forms part of your email address in the format

For example: If your Launchpad name were matthew.revell, your Launchpad home page would be and your Ubuntu email address

If you're unhappy with your automatically generated Launchpad name, now's a good time to change it. Changing it once you've started using Launchpad in full may be awkward as it will also change the URLs of some of your work.

Next step

Now that you've got your Launchpad account set up, let's look at how you can help others to visually identify the work you do.

Read on for more about branding your Launchpad account.

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