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'''Step 2:''' Click ```Change details``` in the ```Actions``` menu, on the left of the page. '''Step 2:''' Click ```Change details```.

Launchpad user guide > Your account > Closing your account

If you no longer want or need your Launchpad account, you can deactivate it.

{i} Warning: Deactivating your account will remove your Launchpad profile and permanently delete all of your:

  • bug and blueprint subscriptions - assignments will be set to "none"
  • team memberships - ownership of teams, projects and project groups will be reassigned to the Registry Administrators team
  • Ubuntu Code of Conduct signatures
  • assignments as bug contact for a package
  • assignments as an answer contact for a project or distribution.

You will still be credited for any work that you have done that is recorded in Launchpad. For example: if you reported a bug, you will still be shown as its reporter. You will however not receive any mail regarding it.

Alternatives to deactivating your account

If you want to keep your Launchpad account but would prefer to reduce the amount of email you receive, try removing your bug and blueprint subscriptions.

If you want to reduce the amount of information about you in Launchpad, you can edit your personal details.

Deactivating your account

Step 1: Visit your Launchpad profile.

Step 2: Click Change details.

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Deactivate your account.

Step 4: Optionally enter a description of why you are deactivating your Launchpad account.

Step 5: If you are certain that you want to permanently delete your subscriptions and other information associated with your Launchpad account, click the Deactivate My Account button.

Launchpad will now deactivate your account. If you wish to log into Launchpad again, you must register a new account.

Recovering your account

If you later decide that you want to start using Launchpad again, you can recover your account. Create a Launchpad account using one of the email addresses from your deactivated account.

{i} Note: Recovering an account will not restore any information that was deleted when your deactivated it.

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