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Turning a bug into a question

A bug must meet a few conditions to be convertible to a question. Its status must be either New, Incomplete, Confirmed, or Wont Fix. The bug's project must use Launchpad to track bugs.

Bugs that are also in external bug trackers cannot be converted to questions. This is also true for bugs that are being developed. If a bug is valid (not Invalid) in many locations, it cannot be made into a question--a bug report cannot be a bug in one project, but a question in another.

Only one question can be created from a bug. Once a bug is made into a question, the bug is Invalid.

If a bug that has been converted into a question is in fact a real bug, choose 'Convert Back to Bug' to restore the bug report. The bug's status, importance, etc... in all locations that it affects can be edited again. A comment may be provided to explain that the bug reported is reactivated. After the question is removed, the bug's status should be updated for the affected project.

The question is a separate entity from the bug. Its status will not be changed.

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