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Importing your project's translations

Just as with translation templates, you can import translation files (.po) in two ways:

If you already have your translation files in a Bazaar branch (or git branch, or CVS or Subversion repository), you may find that to be the easiest source for importing your translation files.

Imports from a Bazaar branch

You can make either one-off or continuous imports of translation files in a Bazaar branch. Which you choose will most likely depend on whether you expect to make frequent translations outside of Launchpad.

One time upload of a tarball

Visit your project's translations overview page and click the link for the trunk series. Upload a tarball containing your translation files preserving directory structure.

Naming translation files

To ensure automatic approval and subsequent import of the translation files, you need to follow the translations import policy.

As a rough guide, you should observe these two rules:

Avoiding common problems

Your translations stand a better chance of an automatic, and therefore near instant, import if you follow these guidelines/

How Launchpad prioritises imported translation strings

To help ensure the best quality translations end-up in Ubuntu, Launchpad prioritises translation strings differently depending on where they were made.

In general, a translation made in Launchpad will take precedence over a translation imported from upstream, meaning that most imports will only overwrite a string if it also was an import.

There are, though, two important exceptions:

Next steps

Launchpad can help you safeguard the quality of the translations you use in your project. Choose a review policy for your project's translations.

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