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Your team can have its own mailing list, hosted and managed by Launchpad.

Team mailing lists are useful because they:

For the technically minded, Launchpad mailing lists are managed by [ GNU Mailman], although we have simplified the web interface, allowing you to easily administer multiple lists through Launchpad.

Taking part in mailing lists

Launchpad mailing lists are team-oriented: every team may have one mailing list and every mailing list is associated with exactly one team.

As a team member, you can subscribe to that team's mailing list but it is optional: joining a team does not automatically subscribe you to its mailing list.


Step 1: Visit the [ Edit emails] page in your profile.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you'll see all the mailing lists you can join.


Mailing list subscriptions

Step 3: Use the drop-down, beside your chosen to list, to select the email address where you want to receive the emails.

Step 4: Click Update Subscriptions.

You don't need to confirm your subscription as you've already confirmed your email addresses and you're logged into Launchpad.

As soon as your subscription is live, Launchpad will send you a welcome email, which may include a custom message from the team's owners.

Using the list

Let's say you've joined the launchpad-doc team's mailing list. To send email to the list, you'd use the address You can send it from any address that's registered in your Launchpad profile. However, Launchpad will only send email to the address you specified when subscribing to the list.

After a few minutes, depending on network latencies, you should receive your message in your inbox. It'll also appear in the list's archive.

It's just the same for all other lists: take the name of the team and append it to

{i} Note:

If you use Gmail

If you use Gmail and don't see your own posts arrive in your inbox, it is probably because of a [ this issue]. Unfortunately, this not something that we can fix. Instead, check the list's archive to confirm your message has been accepted.

Unsubscribing and changing your subscription

To unsubscribe from a list, or change the email address where you receive a particular list's mails, visit your [ Edit emails] page. There, you can either select another address that's already registered in your profile or the Don't subscribe option for any of your lists.

Establishing a list for your team

The Launchpad team reviews all new requests for mailing lists. This is to help reduce misuse of the Launchpad's list hosting.

You can request a mailing list for your team by clicking Configure mailing list in the Actions menu on the team's overview page.

We handle new mailing list application requests several times a day and will enable your mailing list as soon as possible. Once we've approved your mailing list, you'll see a Configure mailing list in the Actions menu on your team's overview page.

Customising your team's welcome message

You can specify a custom message to be included in the welcome message that Launchpad sends to new list subscribers.

Click Configure mailing list in the Actions menu on your team's overview page to enter your custom message.


Viewing list archives

Full archives for each mailing list are available by clicking Mailing list archive on the team's overview page.


Mailing list archives

The archives are available to view by date or thread.

Next step

Teams are a great way for communities to organise themselves. If, however, your project isn't yet in Launchpad's directory, you need to [:Projects/Registering:register it] to use track its bugs and code, translate it into different languages and more.

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