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Defining the feature you want to implement is the first step of the specification process. A spec usually goes through a fairly predictable life cycle while it is being defined. You use the "Change Status" action link on a Spec to change the definition status of the spec, and to convey to people where you currently stand.

Definition Status Values

The definition status of a specification can take one of the following values:

In addition, there are a couple of "dead end" states where your spec can end up if it is abandoned or superseded.

How detailed should your specification be?

The answer is "it depends". And it depends on a lot of different things.

What should the specification cover?

Your general rule of thumb should be to put as much detail into the specification as you need to get a couple of other sane people to say "yeah, that looks about right". In Launchpad we ask people to describe changes in the following areas:

If you want more information you might check out the list of very best specifications we maintain here, for examples how How Its Done (TM), or check out the SpecTemplate that we use for Launchpad specs (you probably want your own spec template for your own project, but you are welcome to lift ours as a starting point). And lastly, there is a guide to writing good specs which is designed for the Ubuntu and Launchpad guys, but again might be useful for anyone else.

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