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Launchpad publishes news feeds for your project. You can make announcements through Launchpad, and the 5 most recent headlines will be displayed on your project home page. Each project now also has a feed URL where an Atom 1.0 feed of news and announcements is published.

Each announcement can include a headline, summary paragraph, and an optional URL which links to the full announcement on the web.

Making an announcement

If you are the person who registered the project in Launchpad, you can make an announcement on behalf of that project. Go to your project home page and find the link to "Make an announcement". This presents you with a form for the announcement details. You can choose to publish the announcement immediately, or keep it confidential until a specific date. Alternatively, you can just leave it unpublished until you are ready to come back and publish it.

Editing announcements

If you are a project administrator you can edit the announcements at any time. This includes the ability to retract an announcement, which takes it out of the RSS feeds and off the project home page. If you want, you can delete an announcement entirely. You can also move an announcement from one project to another as long as you are and administrator of both projects.

RSS feeds

You will notice that your project home page includes a link to an Atom feed. Most browsers will show the standard feed icon in the URL toolbar. Clicking on that link will allow you to subscribe to the news feed for this project using your favourite RSS reader.

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