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Welcome to Launchpad! Launchpad is a hosting and collaboration service for software projects. You can use Launchpad to:

You can also register your software project in our directory, then pick and choose which parts of Launchpad you want to use. It's free for free software projects - contact us if your project uses a non-free licence.

Want to know more about what Launchpad can do? Take our tour.

Try Launchpad

Try Launchpad in our staging environment without worrying about touching real data. Staging uses a copy of Launchpad's real database and gets wiped at the end of every day.

Before you can use staging, you'll need to register your account in Launchpad's production environment and then wait up to one day for your account to be copied over to staging.

Note: some features aren't automatically active on staging, including:

If you need to try these features on staging, ask us to

If you're looking