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If you want to use Launchpad to monitor the status of bugs in a Mantis bug tracker, you need to let Launchpad know where the bug tracker is hosted.

Registering a Mantis bug tracker

  1. Visit

  2. Follow the "Register bug tracker" link.
  3. Enter a name for the bug tracker. The name you choose should use alphanumeric characters and hyphens only so that it can form part of a URL. For example: if the project is called Jeff's Text Editor, you might enter the name jeffs-text-editor.

  4. Select Mantis from the Bug Tracker Type drop-down list.

  5. Use the Title text-box to enter a descriptive, human-readable name for the bug tracker. In our example from step 2, you could use Jeff's Text Editor Mantis Tracker here.

  6. Enter a summary of the bug tracker's purpose and the sort of bugs that it tracks.
  7. Enter the base URL of your bug tracker. For example:

  8. Describe how people can contact you.
  9. When you are ready, click the Add button to register your bug tracker with Launchpad.

Watching Mantis bugs

Once your bug tracker is registered, you can link to it from Launchpad bugs as usual. Read more about bug watch links at FeatureHighlights/BugWatches.

Translating Mantis bug statuses

Launchpad translates the statuses used by external bug trackers to the equivalent Launchpad bug status. This makes it easier for Launchpad users to understand the status of a bug, whether or not it is tracked directly in Launchpad. Look at BugStatuses for information on how Launchpad translates Mantis bug statuses.

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