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Launchpad Mailing Lists


Launchpad allows teams to setup a discussion mailing list which is open to all members of the team. For the technically minded, Launchpad mailing lists are managed by [ GNU Mailman] although we have simplified the web interface, allowing you to administer multiple lists through Launchpad easily. Using Launchpad alleviates the need for external mail hosting and simplifies life for users and administrators who can use a single Launchpad account to manage their participation in multiple mailing lists.


Using Launchpad to host your mailing lists has several advantages over self-hosted lists.

Using Launchpad hosted lists

Launchpad mailing lists are team-oriented; every team may have one mailing list, and every mailing list is associated with exactly one team. Any member of the team may subscribe to the team's mailing list but team members are not required to participate on the mailing list.

When you join a list, you designate one of your Launchpad-validated email addresses on which to receive mail from that list. You may post to any mailing list from any of your validated email addresses, but you will only receive messages from each list on the designated address for that list. You may also ask Launchpad to use your preferred email address and have mail from that list sent to your current preferred email address, whatever that happens to be at the time.


Subscribed team members may post their messages to and the archives for the team mailing list is always available at

Establishing a mailing list

If you are a team administrator, look on your team overview page. You will see an action called Configure mailing list:

Note that you can also set your Launchpad mailing list to be your team's contact address.

Subscribing to a mailing list

Before you can send or receive messages on your mailing list, you must subscribe to it. This includes the team owner who requested the mailing list. Once your list is live (see above), these are the steps you need to take to subscribe to the mailing list.

Using your mailing list

Using your mailing list is the easiest part of this process! If your team is named myteam, then once the list is live and you have subscribed to it, just send a message to in your mail reader of choice. After a few minutes, depending on network latencies, you should receive your message in your inbox, and the message will appear in the archive.

Note: if you use Gmail and you do not see your own posts arrive in your inbox, it is probably because of [ this issue]. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it, but if you check your list's archive, your message should appear there.


Unsubscribing is easy. Just visit your [ Launchpad mailing list subscriptions] page, scroll down to the list of teams you're subscribed to, and chose Don't Subscribe for any list you want to get off of. Click Update Subscriptions.