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Terms of Use

These are the terms and conditions of use for the Launchpad system.

All data that is made available on this website is the property of someone - the author in the case of content produced elsewhere and reproduced here with permission, or Canonical or its content suppliers. Before you use this content in some way please take care to ensure that you have the relevant rights and permissions from the copyright holder.

All translations imported from sources external to Launchpad are owned by the translator that created them. In general, these translations are licensed under the same terms as the software for which they are a translation.

All translations in Launchpad are the work of the translator that created them. These translations are made available to Canonical and in turn to you under the BSD license (revised, without advertising clause). We require this so that other projects can use these translations as sources for their own translations, without suffering licensing incompatibilities.

All bug comments are the property of the people who created them. Metadata and statistics generated by the Launchpad Bug Tracker are the property of Canonical Ltd and may be used freely for any purpose as long as accreditation and the Launchpad URL are given along with that data.

All packages contained in distributions or personal package archives within the Launchpad are aggregations of content which may potentially belong to many different people. You should take care to check all copyright messages in source packages and binary packages before assuming you can use them for any purpose.

Build logs and other automatically generated content produced by Soyuz and its related components within the Launchpad are the property of Canonical Ltd, unless otherwise specified therein, and may be used freely for any purpose as long as accreditation and the Launchpad URL are given along with the data.

Automated querying

We provide data feeds and a web service API for automated access to Launchpad's dataset. We strongly recommend you use the feeds and the web service API in preference to screen-scraping or other techniques. If you can't do what you need to do through the feeds and the API,

In return, we ask that you identify the programs you write so that we can track usage and contact you if your client causes us problems.

When writing short scripts for yourself, you can identify your application by giving your email address or the URL to your page on Launchpad. When writing scripts for general distribution, you can identify your application by giving the URL to its homepage. If your application is hosted on Launchpad, or it's easy to find your application's homepage by doing a web search on its name, you can just give its name.

We reserve the right to limit the access of individual users who make requests too often; and of applications that cause problems for Launchpad due to bugs, inefficiency, or malicious intent.

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