Suggested text for the help panels on Launchpad. Each of these is linked to from a bug file against the relevant Launchpad app.


<h1>Where did you find the bug you want to report?</h1>

<p><strong>In Ubuntu:</strong> select <i>Ubuntu</i> in the <i>Distribution</i> text-box then click the <i>Choose...</i> link beside the <i>Package</i> text box. This will open a box where you can search for the Ubuntu package where you found the bug. The package name will usually be the same as the application you were using. (Also applies to Kubuntu and Edubuntu.)</p>

<p><strong>Elsewhere:</strong> if you found the bug in a free software project that tracks its bugs in Launchpad, click the <i>Choose...</i> link beside the <i>Project</i> text-box. You can then search for the project's name - e.g. Jokosher.

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