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Welcome to the Launchpad Help wiki


Launchpad helps people and teams to work together on free software. Using Launchpad, you can manage your project's bugs, code, translations, features and user support in a single website.

Free software communities using Launchpad include [ Ubuntu], [ Zope], [ Jokosher] and [ SilvaCMS].

Using this wiki

This wiki contains many helpful pages on using Launchpad. We're adding new documentation here on a regular basis.

You can search for topics of interest using the search field at the top left or, if you prefer, you can [:TitleIndex:view all titles] available in this wiki.

When you locate a topic of interest, you can subscribe to it to be notified of any changes. For example, you may want to [:FrontPage?action=subscribe:subscribe] to this page, the Front Page, to be notified when we add any new features or overview content.

Using Launchpad

Getting started

To start using Launchpad you need to create an account. If you want to use Launchpad for your free software project, you also need to register your project.

  1. [:CreatingYourLaunchpadAccount:Create your account].

  2. [:RegisteringANewProject:Register your project.]

Once you have your account, find out more about Launchpad:

Using the Applications

Launchpad is made up of six main applications. Find out how to use them:

Getting help with Launchpad

If you get stuck or have a question, here are some resources to help you.

Getting involved with Launchpad

If you want to help improve Launchpad, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Email us:

You can also get more closely involved: