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 * NewFeatures -- features that have landed on beta.launchpad.net, or on launchpad.net, but not yet been properly announced  * NewFeatures -- new features from the most recent Launchpad release.

Launchpad Highlights

Launchpad is a tool for collaboration between different projects. It makes it easier for people who work on a variety of free software projects, in particular, to share information about bugs, features and translations. Launchpad is used by Ubuntu and other distributions for bug tracking, translations and release feature planning. It is also used by "upstream" projects in the same way, and it makes collaborating between all these projects very easy.

  • [:FeatureHighlights:Launchpad 1.0 Feature Guide] - a quick guide to the most interesting features in Launchpad 1.0. This should be your first read!


  • Detailed documentation for [:BlueprintDocumentation:the feature planning tool] built into Launchpad, that lets you keep track of new features under development, who is responsible for them, how well-defined they are, when they are likely to land in your product, and where the code is that implements them.

  • How to [:UsingMaloneEmail:use email to interact with the bug tracker]. You can file bugs, and change the statuses of bugs as well as commenting on bugs, using only email.

  • How you can use the [:LaunchpadMessageRationale:X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale] header to filter email sent to you by Launchpad.

Other resources

  • [:BazaarLinks:Stories of the Bazaar in Launchpad]

  • ComingFeatures -- see what features the Launchpad team plan to add during the coming months.

  • NewFeatures -- new features from the most recent Launchpad release.

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