Build your own packages

PPAs ("Personal Package Archives") are one of Launchpad's most popular and exceptional features. Using a PPA you can publish your own software packages that are installable in Ubuntu. They can be based on existing Ubuntu packages or you can create completely new packages of any free software project.

Creating and distributing a package using your PPA is simple:

  1. Create a source package.
  2. Verify that it builds on your own machine.
  3. Upload it to Launchpad, where it will be built and published for the world to see.
  4. Give your PPA's public archive URL to friends.

Your friends can then add your PPA's URL to their /etc/apt/sources.list file then install your packages just like any other and receive automatic updates when you upload an updated version.

As an example, here's a PPA where cool Compiz 3D desktop packages were developed early in the adoption of the technology by Ubuntu:

Ubuntu versions

You can compile the package against any currently supported version of Ubuntu. At the time of writing, that included Ubuntu 6.06 ("dapper"), Ubuntu 6.10 ("edgy"), ubuntu 7.04 ("feisty") and Ubuntu 7.10 ("gutsy"). When you upload the package, you specify which version it is designed to be built for.

Team PPAs

A team can have their own PPA too. This allows a group of developers to collaborate on a set of packages. Anyone in the team can upload to the team PPA, so it is a convenient way for a group to work together on a whole bunch of packages which work together as a set.

For example, this is the Kubuntu team's PPA, where they did a lot of preliminary work on KDE packaging for hard-core experimental users:

Activating your PPA

On your home page, look for an option to "Activate Personal Package Archive". You will need to accept the terms of service, which basically say that you will only use the free PPA system for free software packages. At this point you can start uploading your source packages immediately. You can watch the build farm, which turns those source packages into binaries, at work at

Try the Quick Start Guide for PPAs if you want to learn more!

So, Launchpad can build your packages. But wouldn't it be great if you could actually host the code of your project in Launchpad before you started building packages? That leads us to the next stop on our tour - hosting code in Launchpad.

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