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What happens with the translations done on the Ubuntu templates for a product? Do they get shared with my template for my development branch?

All translations introduced into the Launchpad system get included in a huge "translation memory". If someone translates an application for its Ubuntu breezy series, these translations will appear as suggestions when someone else translates another series of that product.

I am translating an Ubuntu documentation piece in Launchpad. Should I translate the strange looking strings such as <example>?

That message belongs to the "launchpad integration" module.

Launchpad and GNU Gettext Plural Forms

Launchpad asked me for plural forms information. What info do you need?

The plural form information is to handle correctly the plurals in your language. You can read more about it here.

How the plural forms affect Launchpad?

If you get a message to translate with plural forms, you will get as much entries fields as plural forms defined for your language so you should be aware of your plural form expression and fill the fields as needed.