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The Launchpad user guide is an on-going project to help people learn how to use Launchpad. The user guide is a back-up to the information provided in Launchpad's web interface.

Unlike most websites, Launchpad is sufficiently complex to need more background information and explanation than can comfortably happen in our current user interface.

If there's something missing from the user guide report a bug to let us know or create your own page in the help wiki with the content you want to see.


Each section of the tutorial has its own directory in the help wiki: /Teams/ for example.

The wiki home page will link to the contents/overview page of each of these sections.

Each page of the tutorial will link to the previous and next pages.

Primary articles are part of the tutorial's flow: i.e. they are linked using the next and previous links. Secondary are not but are linked from the section ToC and where necessary.

User guide sections still to do


Primary articles:

< Documentation team

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